Ladies, Fellas, Why you DO NEED to Buy Those New Shoes

Great news, buying new shoes, clothes and so on can now be classed as marketing! What are going on about? Let us explain…

Most people are drawn to others whom are successful, it’s a fact.

Who are you more likely to do business with, someone who looks a bit tired, perhaps unshaven (in a non- designer stubble way) and looks a bit flustered or worn out. OR, someone who is vibrant and fresh, wearing nice new clothes, looks successful and looks like they can take everything you can throw at them and more?

We know who we would choose to do business with.

The thing is, you won’t want to do business with someone who can’t look after themselves and who don’t look/act successful, because of two reasons:

1. If they don’t look successful, then they can’t be very good at what they do, and;
2. If they aren’t looking after themselves, can they really look after you?

On the other hand, if you see a business person and they are always dressed nicely and are well kept, you’ll find yourself thinking things like, “Hey, they look like they’re doing well, I wonder why.” Or, “They must be good if they’re doing so well for themselves.”

The bottom line is this… Looking after yourself and your wellbeing is a great way of creating trust, and reducing the barriers to buy.

So go ahead and buy those new shoes, or that suit you wanted, and wear it with pride. Take the compliments and look the part. If anyone asks, yes you are doing well!

ACTION: Think about the last few meeting with clients or the networking meetings you go to. Have you made the effort? Or have you thrown something together? Have you walked in with a spring in your step, or a yawn?

ACTION: For your next meeting or networking opportunity, why not treat yourself to some new clothes and a good nights sleep.

Thanks for reading, let us know how you got on by leaving a comment below.