Do you have Sales Meetings, or Product/Service Experiences?

Two of the main issues with convincing people to buy a product or service are trust and fear. People are scared about making purchases and they need to be sure the value they get is worth the investment. It is your job as a marketer to convince them.

Branding is a good way to do this, the stronger the brand, the more trust people will have in your proposition, but another way to build trust is through letting people – in some way – experience your product/service.

Apple do this fantastically. Think about most phone shops, they have 1 of each phone, attached to a wall, powered off. But not apple. Because they have a small range of main products , they can have lots of the products out in the open POWERED ON, for customers to pick up, feel and play with. You get a sense of the product, you know what it is like, the buying process becomes a memorable experience. Because you can see exactly what you are getting, you can trust the decision to buy is right for you.

You businesses can do this too with a little bit of thought. Think about how you can let people experience your product or service, for free, before purchasing. For products it’s easier to let people experience what they are getting, especially if you have a premises, but for service based businesses it can be tricker. An overused tactic is the ‘free consultations’ as an initial taster, but that is a bit boring now, and you need to make these sound more exciting.

For our Stand Out Marketing service, we have a free, no obligation consultation to find out more about the client, and what they need. But to STAND OUT ourselves we call it “The Zombie”, and say to people “Get started with us by booking The Zombie for free.” When people ask us why it is called the Zombie, we say “Because it is completely free, we’ll give you some great ideas on the spot, and at the end of it, we’ll know more about your business, to at least refer people to you in future, even if you don’t go ahead with us – it’s really a no brainer!”

When people booked “The Zombie”, we would give them a taster of our ideas, show our expertise, impress them, and do it all without hard selling. After experiencing The Zombie the take up rates of our next services are sky high.

The pre-sale experience is so important to get right, no matter what area of business you are in, but there is the difference between having a really great ‘sales meeting’ and a really great ‘product/service experience.

So aim for the experience and watch your conversion rate go through the roof!

ACTION: Think about how you can offer people a way to experience what it is you have to offer, without making a buying decision straight away.

ACTION: If you currently offer a ‘Free Consultation’ how can you make this sound a bit more exciting, so you don’t blend in with all the other ‘Free Consultations?’

ACTION: If you really can’t give away an ‘experience’ for FREE, can you have instead a low cost, low risk alternative?


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