LinkedIn Long Form Posts: How to increase distribution

The previous part 1 post to this ‘Quick! Before it’s Too Late – Make use of your LinkedIn Connections with Long Form Posts‘ discussed what LinkedIn’s long form posts were and why you need to start using them. This post is all about how to increase their distribution, as noted the more engaging they are, the more they will be pushed out through LinkedIn distribution channels. LinkedIn algorithms take into account views, shares, likes, and links back to the post – the more engagement the better.

Your post first and foremost goes out to your connections, great. BUT even better, there is wider scope to push it out even further via:

– The blog stream itself, see below image:

– If shared it will go out to all those persons’ connections in their news feed
– LinkedIn Pulse, LinkedIn’s content sharing app designed to bring you relevant content. Pulse also features articles on your LinkedIn home page
– ‘What you’ve missed this week’ emails – their way of keeping in touch with its members by showing them what they have missed.

Now there is a lot of opportunity there to broaden your horizon and gain some serious awareness here. What it comes down to is great content that people engage with. LinkedIn basically wants to get people on the site and using it. If nobody uses it, then it will die a death. So if you can show you have great content, you will get awarded with better distribution. The only way to measure that is with engagement.

Essentially all you need to do is write long-form posts that resonate with your connections, followers, and target audience. Long-form posts that are overly promotional may not experience broader distribution by the community.

Remember these top tips;
– Spend time writing a great headline title that captures attention, and creates enough intrigue to read
– Don’t be afraid to use your own personal tone of language
– Write about specific areas in which you have experience and/or expertise. Do your research
– Try to make a point or help solve just one problem, and stay on track
– Don’t shy away from expressing your opinion. However, keep your long-form posts appropriate for the LinkedIn audience. Don’t post anything obscene, shocking, hateful, intimidating or otherwise unprofessional
– There are no limits on word count, but the long-form posts that are best received are more than three paragraphs in length apparently. Try mixing it up and see what works best for you
– Read one one of our long form posts for a flavour of what it’s like, please like and share it
– Use pics, videos, slideshows etc to bring your content to life
– Play on people’s emotions, it will get them to share
– Get someone to proofread the long form post before you post it if you can.

Another good tip is to share it to your other audiences too, you might as well make the most of your beautifully crafted article. You can share your long-form post:
– Across your other social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more. You can do so by clicking on the share buttons on the top and bottom of the post.
– Via email newsletters – copy and paste your long-form post’s URL.
– Through relevant LinkedIn Groups – Note: limit sharing to 1 or 2 groups, so your post isn’t perceived as spam.

ACTION: Really think about the quality of your content, and refer back to the useful tips above.
ACTION: Schedule in time in your diary to specifically, research, write, and find/create graphics for your next piece of content.
ACTION: Feel free to ask for advice on this post about what you intend to write about.