LinkedIn Tags – How to use LinkedIn as a sales tool for free

So many people ask us about how to use LinkedIn to get business, so we are going to give you our best tip here…

Yes there is all the usual stuff, like a good photo, title, profile (make sure you use video too), the groups you should be engaging in, long form posts, and search… but ultimately it is all relationship building – the airy fairy stuff that builds a nice reputation but it doesn’t go in for the kill.

Well here is a tool that many don’t know exist on LinkedIn, but it is probably the best way to get something from it, so keep it between us 😉

What is this mystery power tool?!

It’s ‘tags’. Essentially you can ‘tag’ people and each tag represents a new segment. This could be; ‘Prospects’, ‘Networking Contacts’, ‘Colleagues’, ‘Current Clients’, ‘Sexy People’ literally what ever you like! You can create as many as you want, name them and assign people to a tag.

LinkedIn already creates a few tags automatically from when/how you connected with them in the first place, i.e. ‘Friends’, ‘Colleagues’.

Why is this important?

It allows you to do two things. 1) It allows you to keep an eye on the contacts that mean the most to you. Similarly to a Twitter list.
2) LinkedIn allows you to ‘Select All’ and message them ALL in bulk! Either all together or in separate messages, but it’s just one click to message them all. No more endlessly messaging people individually, you can now contact segments of people you choose extremely quickly. This is powerful stuff!

Now we don’t recommend just bombarding people with sales messages, be subtle about it! For example you may want to invite only certain people to an event you are running.

So how do you do it??

Well you can go on each persons profile and add them individually by clicking ‘Relationship’ just below the profile picture, or much quicker see this diagram…


ACTION: Decide on the most useful tags for you, create them. Around 3-5 is a good number to keep track off, too few won’t segment enough for you, and too many becomes hard to manage.

ACTION: Start assigning people from tags. Make sure from now on you do this as you go, once you make a new connection, give them a tag.