Look Like a God, Part 1 – Write a Book

The short answer: Write a book.

That’s it! Honestly people look up to you like you’re a god as soon as you show them your book. It’s ridiculous, even if the book is rubbish. Just the title ‘author’ screams credibility. You must know your stuff if you have a book right? So, can you write a book about your field of expertise?

That perhaps sounds daunting but don’t let it be. A chapter a month this year and you will have a book written ready in a year or less. You probably have a lot of content already from blog or presentations or research you have done in the past. You’ll be surprised.

You could do ‘X amount of Tips’ or ‘X way to…’ as these are easier books to write, and it doesn’t need to be as daunting.

Obviously we aren’t telling you all to write rubbish books, we are saying people have in the past wrote rubbish books, but are now an ‘author.’ You want your book to have real value and be interesting, and we want you to have fun writing it – or you will never get it finished.

ACTION: Brainstorm what you could write a book on, do some research on what is already out there. There’s a book within everyone! Not literally.

ACTION: Set a time in your diary to work on writing the book, ‘little and often’ makes it easier.

ACTION: Research self-publishing, it is much easier to do this nowadays. Start with Amazon Createspace, but there are more like this.