#LumpyMail 3 – Plotting Your Campaign

In the previous #LumpyMail article, you worked out exactly who you wanted to reach with your lumpy mail campaign (let’s call this person the ‘target’ from here on it). Now we need to do what we call plotting.

We talked about plotting on atomic here if you would like to read more about using it in all your marketing campaigns, but in this Fast Track article we are going to focus on using it in this lumpy mail campaign.

Here’s what you do…

ACTION: Write down the final step you would like each of your ten targets to do in order for this campaign to be a success. For example if you are trying to get a retailer to stock your product the final step may be ‘Target agrees to stock product in all 5 local shops.’

We however need to be realistic. The chance of you sending something through the post and convincing the target to do the final step straight away is slim to none. No matter how good the product is, business simply doesn’t work that way.

What you need to do instead is ‘plot.’ Work backwards working out the next logical steps the target needs to do. This is a simplified version but in our above example the plotting process may go a bit like this (remember working backwards) –
– Target agrees to stock product in all 5 shops
– Target agrees to stock product fully in one shop
– Target agrees to a ‘tester batch’ of stock
– Target agrees to a meeting to talk numbers
– Target agrees to be sent a sample of stock

There are 5 steps there, but there may be more, there may be less. Each target is going to be different, however the point is that once you have done this process – you can clearly see what needs to be achieved in what order and it all looks a little bit more manageable.

Going back to your lumpy mail campaign now then. Remember this is to grab attention and get on your target’s radar. There is no point in jumping to the final step – you simply need to convince your target to do step 1 and get your foot in the door.

ACTION: Plot for each of your ten targets to decide what is the first action you would like your target to take.