ManyChat and Zapier Integration for Email List Growth

You may have seen us fanboying over Chat Bots recently. We’re pretty excited about this brand new way to market our businesses, and engage with our customers.

BUT. It just got a lot more exciting. With ManyChat integrating with Zapier, we can now incorporate our bot into our email marketing. Say whhaaaaat!!!

​That’s next level fanboying. We explain exactly how to do this, in this week’s video.

If you’re into Chat Bots already then this is going to take you up a notch, if you’re late to the party then watch and catch up!

One of the biggest hang-ups of getting into Facebook messenger bots is that it’s not building your list – it’s building a Facebook audience (which may or may not last the distance – this is Facebook we’re talking about). But in our tests, we’ve actually found using messenger bots is in some cases an easier more effective way to get people to hand over their email address than sending them to a landing page!

Check out the video for a step by step how-to!


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