Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

Prepare yourselves..! We’ve made a Christmas song about marketing your business online!

We’ve enlisted the help of over 20+ brave ATOMIC members too – epic! 😀

???? ???? Want some festive cheer, watch above! ???? ????

Edited by Mark Orr of Pocket Video School


Chris Huskins and Ant McGinley
Beverly Sherratt
Cathy Wassell
Chris Elliott
Gemma Jay
Gerry King
Heather Williams
Jeni Burckart
John Espirian
Karen Elwis
Laura Pearman
Louise Harnby
Mark Orr
Mel Bridger
Michelle Riley
Moe McClanahan
Natalie Hailey
Nick Van de Weyer
Nicole Osborne
Rae Alexandria
Steven Bonthrone


Verse 1
You better not shout
You better not cry
Your impressions are down
and you don’t know why
Our social reach is going down

Verse 2
You’re writing a blog
Last minute again
It’s Sunday night and
You’ve got your tea in
The work never seems to end

Chorus 1
But you know it’s worth it
Running your own biz
The freedom and flexibility
It’s a life we choose to live

Verse 3
But you’re building your list
You’re checking it twice
Trying your best
To give away something nice
Why does no one want my opt-in

Verse 4
The blogs I write
I need to know
If they’ll ever get found
With my SEO
Trying to get found online

Chorus 2
But we really love it
Being our own boss
Expensing our christmas presents
On our profit and loss

Verse 5
I’m not going to shout
I’m not going to cry
Just like rudolf
My business will fly
Marketing my business
Marketing my business
Marketing my business online!