Meet Edgar Alternative (our new FAVE social scheduler)

We used to love Meet Edgar, but with the latest Twitter API updates (2018) their main evergreen content recycling scheduling feature was rendered pretty pointless, so we needed a Meet Edgar Alternative.

And boy did we find one!! Meet Agorapulse – it does the evergreen social media recycling, plus so much more!!

It gets around the Twitter API update by scheduling posts to never go out less than 3 days apart. Which means you can fill your content category queues with posts and sit back as they they post in a loop – saving you tons of time. Of course every now and then you will still want to refresh your queue, but this is the best scheduler for evergreen content (i.e. the type of content you can just post whenever and still makes sense).

Meet Edgar is $49/month.

Agorapulse also starts at $49/month and does what Meet Edgar can’t do anymore! Plus wayyyyy more! Which is why it is our favourite new Meet Edgar Alternative.

It saves us time and effort, plus replaces some other tools we already had, so it actually works out quite cheap.

Check out it’s cool features in this Agorapulse review video below, and grab an exclusive 2 month free trial here.

Agorapulse supports Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Pages, Google+ Pages, Instagram and YouTube. You can publish, schedule and add even add posts to custom queues (like Meet Edgar) that you can set up with different categories and time-slots. Reports, teams, monitoring and listening are all included as well! Crazy cool.

Our favourite feature though is the ‘Social Inbox’ – which allows us to see all our social notifications from one dashboard feed. So forget logging into loads of different accounts in ten different tabs… it’s all in one handy feed in Agorapulse.

So let’s say you were at an event for two days and you’ve lost track of who was the last tweet you replied to… well with Agorapulse, you can now reverse your notifications from chronological to see the last mention you got before you went away.

This allows us to never miss a mention again! Gotta love that.