#MustWatch – Yep! I look ridiculous. It’s on purpose. And Why You Should Be Weird

This is a great must watch video by Derek Halpern on why it is important to stand out in social situations, so that you can be remembered.

Making a great first impression is key if you want people to remember you, follow up with you, and help you out. The problem is that most people approach making a first impression the wrong way.

In this video, I explain why the accepted “first impression” advice out there is flawed. I also share the one thing you should do instead to make yourself memorable in social situations. Here’s a hint: be weird!

After you watch this video, I have a question for you: What “weird” quirks do you have? And how can you connect those quirks to what you do?

ACTION: Don’t blend in with the crowd and be forgotten. Think about what makes you unique personally and how that can relate back to the business. Are you that person who… always wears purple… always carries a briefcase…like to write on expensive Japanese paper?


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