Hey, nice going. If you're reading this you've told us that you have a business model that you are pretty happy with, and the next step for you is to grow it faster.


You may feel like you need to be more strategic, make more confident business moves, and push yourself to be more creative with your growth strategy.


At this stage, we'd love to give you some personalised direction rather than an out-of-the-box fix, how does that sound?


Simply hit reply to the email you just received, and tell us these 2 things...


1. What product/services are you trying to grow? (Send us a link to your sales pages too if you have them handy)


2. What do you think is the number 1 thing holding you back from growing it faster. No wrong answers here.


Once you've done that we'll reply personally with some bespoke advice.


Andrew and Pete
ATOMIC Founders