Nivea Life Hacks – A clever way of using your business aims in marketing

To really make an impact, some brands will do marketing using their business aims rather than the actual product, which is what Nivea have done in this advertisement really well.

The Nivea Men Originals brand is all about making skin care easy, you don’t need loads of lotions and potions like women, you just need some simple things to wash, shave and moisturise your face with and you are good to go. That’s the message.

So what they’ve cleverly done is take this aim “to make your life easier” and applied it to other everyday things. How to keep your beer cold, how to avoid soggy pizza, how to check if batteries are good or not. It’s interesting, you want to hear more, and Nivea has cleverly included themselves in your everyday life.

This not only helps to create a stronger Top of Mind Awareness, but also increases brand loyalty.

atomic businesses can learn from this. Looking at the aims of your business can also help with your content marketing. Your product may not be the only thing that helps towards that aim, but in your content marketing you can share other interesting information that helps towards the aim, and become a knowledgeable and valued source of information for your clients. Obviously this was for a TV advert – but you could take these principle for blog content, email marketing content, and even advert design.

ACTION: Think about your business aims, how can you apply this more in your marketing. Don’t just think about your product and service, think wider than that. Making connections like Nivea did in this advert can be a clever way to stand out.