Getting My Very Own Marketing Department | My ATOMIC Story

Whether you describe yourself as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business man/woman or consultant, working on your own at times can feel isolating when looking to challenge your business to grow.

I personally have struggled over the years in stamping my brand onto my business and projecting this into the business community.

After attending various networking events and business development seminars it was comforting to hear other individuals feel the same frustration, but this did not provide a solution.

The marketing challenges I face due to working on my own in creating a meaningful marketing campaign mainly consist of the following:

  • How do I set in stone the values that I wish to showcase inline with my business objectives?
  • How do I develop my brand and ensure that it represents my values?
  • What is my message to current and potential new customers? And more importantly…
  • How do I know if I’m doing the right thing?!

Working by yourself, you just simply don’t have anyone to run your ideas by.

There’s always an element of self doubt.

It was during a business group gathering that a book suggestion was made that has changed my outlook on how I can maximise my marketing opportunities for my business while enjoying that feeling of having my very own marketing department.


That book is called ‘Content Mavericks’ and was written by Andrew and Pete. This is more than just a book – it’s almost like workbook that holds incredible value. Eager to learn more, I joined Andrew and Pete’s business community, ATOMIC to get more direction, share ideas and receive valuable feedback.



How each individual uses ATOMIC will depend on what works best for them however, my chosen route was to work through the exercises in real time whilst going through the ATOMIC shows. The tools I worked with while working through the first two sections are a flipchart, coloured pens and a notebook… chocolate, crisps and many pots of tea!

I am new so unfortunately, I have not completed all of the exercises but still the achievements so far are amazing! I am now the proud owner of the following wins:

  1. Content Mindset

The chapter addresses several valuable pieces of information that enable you to understand the difference between Primary Rich and Secondary Conversion content. Understanding the difference between the two is vital if you are looking to engage with potential new customers because your Primary Rich content is what you develop from understanding people’s challenges and problems.

The final exercise in the first chapter is to create your ‘Content Mission Statement’.

I’m going to create content for ____________, so they can ___________, because ____________

This task requires you to create a simply but powerful message that encompasses your business, and all that it required is that you fill in the gaps. For me, this ensured I focused purely on the business message and did not get carried away with the message been personal to me.

My business content mission statement was born!

I’m going to create content for small business owners, so they can achieve financial clarity.

This may seem basic to some people but for me it provides me with powerful statement that I own and believe in. This is also a statement that anyone could use to describe my business so stops it been just personal waffle. More importantly it invites people to engage in conversation.

2. Content Branding

The chapter looks at what makes your clients want to work with you for example your clients chose you because it ‘felt’ right! The importance of that ‘gut’ feeling should never be underestimated.

So how do you evoke a gut feeling? 

By developing your core brand, including:

  • Brand Values
  • Mission
  • Your Avatar
  • Your Arch Enemy
  • Your Lingo

This was now time for the flipchart to allow for my creativity to run wild and ensure that I create something that is unique to me and something that is saying I am different to my competitors while ensuring I identify just who I want to work with!

The Moment of Truth

This would be the moment that most companies would work with the senior management team (for example) to receive input and create a momentum of creativity that is then turned into developing the brand values or creating that mission statement. However, for me and many others that injection of creativity can run dry when relying purely on yourself for inspiration.

Now I am not saying that these exercises and advice in Content Mavericks is only for individuals because this is not the case. However, because Andrew and Pete provide you with access to the ATOMIC community you are in a position whereby you have your own management team i.e. other members on the online community that you can bounce off ideas or ask for some help!

So, you are no longer at a disadvantage to the bigger business as you can also create a successful marketing strategy unique to you rather than just creating online noise!

I am new as previously mentioned so I have only just completed the first two sections, but I do not feel daunted when I look at the next five sections (Content Stamp, Content Creation, Content Organisation, Content Promotion, Content Lead Generation.) that I need to work through.

I am also looking forward to sharing my upcoming branding work in the ATOMIC community for constructive feedback, because I know what incredible feedback and support they give.

It’s hard to place a value in knowing there’s a supportive community behind you ready to help you when you get stuck. 

On top of that, there’s also a chance to get questions answered in live Q&As AND even in 1:1 sessions with Andrew and Pete themselves once joining ATOMIC.


Claire Hubbert is on a mission is to work closely with small business owners across all areas of their business, to challenge and develop existing systems. The end result? You’re provided with maximised profitability, productivity and the insight to grow and future-proof your business through innovation or changes to your current systems. You can get a free business health check here.