How you Can Achieve ANY Huge Goals you Have | Our ‘Phasing Down’ Technique for Marketing Strategy

We are going to show you in this article exactly how you can achieve ANY huge business goals you have…

We are going to tell you to the day when they will be achieved AND;

It’s much easier than you think.

If you follow any number of experts, especially in marketing, you will know that everyone is telling you the best way to grow your audience and sell your products/services. Maybe it’s networking, maybe it’s writing a book, or doing a speaking gig, or doing press releases, or setting up Facebook Ads and so on…

Do you ever feel like there is too much to do? 

Where do you start?

How do you find the time?!

Have you ever done that thing where you start something like press release, then half way through you attend a webinar on why Facebook Ads are so great…

So you stop everything and start doing Facebook Ads, and then you think hang on, this webinar thing was great, maybe I should do that…

So you proceed to look into webinars, then it hits you that you never finished that Press Release… so you should really go back to that… and so on until after some time – you haven’t really done anything 100%?!

We see this happen ALL the time – it’s not very effective! We are going to show you how to get over that shiny object syndrome and really start to nail those goals of yours – the really big scary ones!

Not so long ago we talked about the importance of setting FREE Goals, and not being restricted by our own self limiting beliefs.

This is something we have really ran with since getting back from San Diego earlier this year.

But, these BIG Goals can seem quite far away right?

So, as of April this year we have been implementing a technique we called the ‘Phasing Down’ technique, and the results so far have been phenomenal. We have achieved so much in such a short space of time, and all it takes is 2 things:

1. Defined Goals
2. Extreme Organisation (Don’t worry we’ll make it easy for you!)

The Phasing Down technique is great for achieve BIG goals in a short space of time.

ACTION: This whole article is a big action for you to complete, it may take well over an hour or longer to do this properly, but it will be time well invested. You can do the Phasing Down Technique with a simple Spreadsheet, and have included screenshots to show you how to build your own Spreadsheet as you go.

So here’s how the ‘Phasing Down’ Technique works.

Step 1: Set a Deadline

We always work best to deadlines, whether they are internal or external. We find setting deadlines that are a year or less work best for us. They give us enough time to do what we want to do, but also spur us on as time moves fast! Usually having a big event we want to either attend or put on is a good deadline. So for example right now, our deadline is April 2016, as we’ll be attending Social Media Marketing World 2016.

Step 2: Write all you need to achieve (your goals), thinking FREE, in a spreadsheet

Right, now you have your deadline. What you need to do now is write down all you want to achieve by that point in a spreadsheet along the columns. These goals should be BIG and FREE. Here’s an example…


These should be actionable goals you want to achieve. So for example rather than ‘Increase Turnover by 10%’, write down what is actually going to do that, is it a new product, is it better sales training etc?

Step 3: Break down all these goals into a number of phases, and set time goals for each phase

Now we need to take this big list of goals and order them into phases. The best way to do this is roughly order the goals in the order you want to complete them (or what logically has to be done first) and then group your goals down into a number of phases. Once you have done this, add a time deadline you want to have each phase completed by.

Step 4: Take Phase 1 and break down all these Goals into Tasks

At this point all we need to concentrate on is Phase 1. Everything else will get done in time, but all you need to put your time and energy into is right now is Phase 1. Having this weight lifted off our shoulders felt so good. We could go into the office each day, knowing we were on the right track, and working on the right thing.

So… starting on Phase 1, you need to break down each Phase 1 Goal into tasks. We have just taken the first task in the spreadsheet in this example, but you would need to do it for ALL Phase 1 Goals.

Step 5: Work out how long it will take you to complete all the tasks (in days)

This is a really important part that makes the whole technique work. The next step is to work out how many days it is going to take you to complete all the tasks, and therefore that phase.

So, for example you can see in order to complete Phase 1 by our deadline, we would need to dedicate 9 of our days to completing this goal.

Step 6: Map out all the days you are going to dedicate to working on these tasks

Remember at the beginning of this article we said ‘extreme organisation’ was a requirement. This is where it comes into play. We know now all it is going to take is 9 days to complete Phase 1, so…

Don’t wait for success, schedule it.

This is so important, 99% of people just use the excuse ‘I don’t have time’ – no we all have the same amount of time, just learn to manage it better. The only way you are going to succeed is if you take action, you will only take action if you schedule it in and stick to it.

Whatever system you use to organise your life/business, block out ‘you days’ to get these goals completed. In this case we know we need to work 9 full days to get this done. We find it best to block out full days rather than half days, as our goals have our complete focus and dedication. We only check emails at the end of the day, we NEVER schedule a meeting in the middle of the day, we avoid every distraction possible and we don’t make excuses.

It is so easy to make excuses at this point, especially booking in paid for work or meetings with potential clients who can’t wait, when you should be working on yourself, but if you are serious about your business, you can’t give into these temptations. Everything can wait till tomorrow, except working on ‘you’.

If you are struggling with this, look at it this way. Say Phase 1 is 2 months (60 days), that’s 51 days you have at your disposal to make money and spend on client work, admin, emails, accounts and so on. Being organised means that you will never need to book in meeting or do other ‘stuff’ when you should be working on you, your business/marketing and your future.

In fact, since deploying this technique, we have made MORE money, because we can see easily the days we have to have ‘paid’ work booked in for, and we have made those ‘paid’ days, much more efficient and effective for us. It also looks like we are more credible using this method as we are seen as organised, busy and thus successful, and thus, ‘hey, they must be good!’

Step 7: Implement Phase 1, work your way through your goals, then reassess

Step 7 is simply implementing this. We said earlier how good it felt to have the weight lifted off our shoulders, and we just want to reiterate that. So often as entrepreneurs we get distracted and move on from project to project without never fully completing any. With this system you know that you are going to achieve all you want to achieve so you don’t have to worry about all these things everyone is telling you that you need to be doing.

We now know next week exactly what we need to accomplish in our ‘us days’ to move us towards our goal, and so far we have basically nailed every goal.

As with everything, we can expect plans to adapt slightly, which is why we just break down Phase 1 to begin with. Then as we are approaching the end of a phase, we sit back down, look at how we’ve done, tweak the next phase if things have slightly changed, and just keep going.

Step 8: Start Again

The beauty of this technique, is that it can, in theory, go on forever. Once you have come to the end of your deadline, set and new one and keep going. We would suggest keeping a copy of each phase so you can measure your successes and see how far you have some.

Who knows, in 2o years time you may be in Phase 99!


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