How You Can Get on Big-Name Podcasts as a Guest [+ Free Email Template]


First of all, can you do us a big favour?

Can you forget everything you already know about how to get on a podcast as a guest? Because we’re about to blast all of the current advice out there right out of the water! 😲

A man and woman in water gun fight

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed one tip about guest podcasting that’s so unbelievably wrong, we just have to shout about it. And it’s this:

Get on as many podcasts as possible.

When we first started appearing on podcasts, this was our strategy too. And it makes sense, right? More podcasts = more reach.

Hmm … not quite.

In the early days, we spent a lot of time going on so many different podcasts (if someone had invited us to a ‘cat appreciation’ podcast, we’d have been there!). But we quickly discovered this is not the best way to get results.

Because even though podcast interviews are fun … you want to get results, don’t you?

We wasted a lot of time doing interviews when, in reality, only a handful had any significant impact.

So we came up with a new approach that will help you get on the right podcasts … bigger podcasts!

In this blog post, we’re going to reveal to you our secret podcast-guest strategy that will:

  • Maximise your reach and awareness to EPIC levels
  • Build a HUGE amount of credibility and trust instantly
  • Skyrocket your website traffic
  • Get you the best results for SEO!

Sound good? Let’s get stuck in. 😎

How to be a guest on a podcast: our proven, step-by-step methodology

Okay, we’ll start with some honesty. This strategy is not easy and it will take up your time. But this strategy will work if you’re serious about getting in front of thousands of potential customers. At first, you might be put off, but keep reading and you’ll discover why this method works and how you will get bigger results for much less time and effort overall.

An email template for podcast-guest outreach

To make it super easy for you, we’ve also included our Guest Podcasting Planner, which includes a free guest-podcaster reach-out email template! It also includes a spreadsheet that will help you keep track of all the podcasters you’ve approached and where you’re up to with each person.

Step One: Be selective about the podcast shows you appear on

A woman explaining what her expectations are

The biggest misconception about becoming a podcast guest is that you need to start appearing on smaller podcasts and build up to bigger ones.

You don’t.

In fact, spending so much time appearing on a ton of smaller podcasts is a recipe for major burnout. 😣

If you spend two hours per week on podcasts, that’s two hours away from client work, admin or just, you know, having an actual social life.

This isn’t a problem if the podcast helps you get in front of many of your dream clients. But if these podcasts only have a few listeners each month, you have to question if it’s worth your time.

Ultimately, targeting fewer podcasts with bigger audiences is much better than lots of smaller podcasts.

But how the heck do you become a guest on big-name podcasts?

You might be thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s nice and everything, Andrew and Pete. But I’m no celebrity. I can’t get on those podcasts hosted by BIG names.’

Actually, yes, you can.

Yes, even that podcast that only seems to accept the super famous people in your industry. We’ll go into how to do this a bit later.

But first, you need to…

Identify your best podcasts to target

This is the first step to getting on the right podcasts, in front of thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of your dream customers.

You need to identify the best podcasts to go on. And the way you do this is super simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Head to iTunes and look at the top 50–100 podcasts in your preferred category.
  2. Note down who does interviews with guests (there’s no point pitching people who don’t accept guests!).
  3. Start making your list of podcasts you’d like to appear on.

Easy-peasy, right? And quite a fun task too! And remember, our Guest Podcasting Planner can help you keep track of all of this.

Step Two: Get to know the podcast host

Man saying 'I love making connections'

Do not, and we repeat, do not miss this step! 😬

The problem with podcast pitches is that they can feel icky – like someone has sent the same email to 100 different people and just changed the name.

When you want to appear on big-name podcasts, you can’t just send the same old email every time.

You have to personalise it and prove to the podcast host that you know their podcast, listen to it yourself and can add tons of value to their listeners.

John Lee Dumas, the founder and host of the hugely successful podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire gets 400 podcast pitches every month. And in his words, ‘99% of pitches are terrible’.

So, if you take the time to learn about the podcast host and show how you can deliver content their listeners will love, you’ll be miles ahead of other podcast pitchers!

It’s time to check out your podcast host

Take the following steps to get to know your podcast host.

  1. Go to your list of target podcasters and pick out the first 10.
  2. Check out the last 5–10 episodes of each person’s podcast.
  3. Identify where you could offer a different perspective on the podcast or fill in a gap – is there something that you can cover that hasn’t been discussed? (Don’t be too discouraged if you think your main topic has been covered. You can always provide a different angle.)
  4. Pick an episode you like the sound of and give it a listen. Most importantly, note something you love about it and be as specific as possible. For example, was there a key takeaway you liked? Or was there a certain point where the host made you laugh? Did someone say something to inspire you?
  5. Leave them a review on their podcast saying how much you enjoy it. Make sure to use your real name to refer to the review when contacting them.
  6. Start to engage with them on social media – leave comments on what they post or mention you loved an episode of their podcast.

Is this not all a bit … OTT?

Okay, so you might be thinking, is all of this necessary? Really, A&P? But the more effort you put in now, the more likely your chance of success.

Look at it this way: how much would it cost for you to get in front of thousands of engaged people who happen to be your dream clients? A lot, right? So, it’s well worth the effort, we promise!

More on this in a minute!

Step Three: Reach out to be a guest on the podcast

Tom Hanks typing

You must remember that some podcast hosts will get hundreds of pitches every month from people desperate to appear on their podcast.

Most cold emails are pretty rubbish. You’ve probably read a few yourself and cringed. So, how can you approach a podcaster to be a guest? Especially when you’re emailing them, and they’ve never heard of you before?

How to get on podcasts as a guest: our free email template that will WOW every single podcaster on the planet!

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the email template every podcaster would love to receive. A huge thanks to John Lee Dumas, who shared this outstanding template idea with us in our ATOMIC membership.😲

The good news is, all the prep you’ve done so far will come in super handy right now!

The Guest Podcast Outreach Email Template

Hey <name>,

Love your podcast! I recently listened to episode X: _____________ [include the number and name of the episode]. I loved the part where you said _________ [include your biggest takeaway here].

I notice that your last ten episodes are focused on _________ [name the topic(s) they’ve focused on].

I actually specialise in ________ [include what you specialise in], and I haven’t seen you talk about this topic before/in a really long time. So I’d love to come on your show and deliver real value on this topic to your audience.

I know you’re extremely busy as a podcast host, so I’ve made this easy for you. Below you’ll find a proposed title of the podcast episode and a few bullet points of what I could cover.

Of course, this is your show, so feel free to change any or all of this! But I wanted to make this as easy as possible for you.

[Include name of proposed podcast episode]

[Include key talking point 1]
[Include key talking point 2]
[Include key talking point 3]
[Include key talking point 4]

I also know how important it is for your guests to share the podcast episode with their audience. When this episode goes live, I’ll share this on all my social media channels. Here’s a list of them:

[Include social media channel and numbers – with link]
[Include social media channel and numbers – with link]
[Include social media channel and numbers – with link]
[Include email subscriber numbers]

Finally, here are some other interviews I’ve done over the past week/month/year so you see I really do bring value and expertise!

[Include name and link to previous guest podcast]
[Include name and link to previous guest podcast]
[Include name and link to previous guest podcast]

If this sounds good to you, here’s my booking link. Or, if you’d prefer, I can use your booking link and schedule a time to chat that’s convenient for you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. If we’re not a good fit, I totally understand. I just love your show. I know how hard it is to get podcast reviews, even for amazing shows like yours, so I’ve included a screenshot of a 5-star review of the show for you.

Many thanks [or your preferred sign-off]


If you’d like to download this template along with the podcast pitch tracker, just click the link below. 

An email template for podcast-guest outreach


BONUS STEP: Go big or go home!

We’re pretty confident that the email above will do the trick nicely. But if you want to take it one step further, here’s something else you can do.

You can create a landing page for the specific podcaster you’re targeting.

A landing page is a standalone website page that only allows the visitor to do one thing – in this case, show the podcaster how you would make the perfect guest on their show.

What should you include on this landing page?

On this page, you should:

  • Use imagery of the podcaster
  • Use imagery of yourself
  • Explain what you’d like to talk about and how it can benefit the podcaster’s listeners
  • Include testimonials from previous podcasts you’ve been a guest on
  • Include logos from the places you’ve been featured
  • Links to previous podcast episodes

If you do this, you will blast your competition out of the water!

If you want to see an example of this in action, check out this fantastic podcast-guest landing page from one of our Rebels members, Quiz Funnel Strategist Kylie Lang.

Kylie has done an AMAZING job here of showing the podcaster that she loves their podcast and, with her expertise, can deliver something new and exciting to the podcaster’s audience.

Does this still sound like a lot of work to be a podcast guest?

We know this is hard work. But, think of it this way.

Scenario one:

Let’s imagine you go on 10 podcasts, and each podcast has 100 listeners.

You have to chat with the podcaster beforehand and then record the episode. So, let’s say that’s one hour of recording time and ten minutes emailing each podcaster.

The time it will take for you to appear on ten podcasts is 11 hours, 40 minutes.

Your total reach will be 1,000 listeners.

Scenario two:

You approach one big-name podcaster with 10,000 listeners every month.

It would take you:
1 hour of research
30 minutes putting together the email
20 minutes for a pre-podcast chat
1 hour of podcast recording.

The time it will take you to appear on that one podcast is 2 hours, 50 minutes.

Your total reach will be 10,000 listeners.

Wow. You can see who is the winner, right? It’s a no-brainer!

Plus, when you approach the big-name podcaster, you’ll likely get a backlink from their website, which will typically have much higher authority in the eyes of Google.

That means it’s much better for SEO too.

Ultimately, this strategy is a win-win. 🙌

Plus if you download the Guest Podcasting Planner, which includes a free guest-podcaster reach-out email template it will be much easier for you. 😉

An email template for podcast-guest outreach


Do podcast guests get paid?

We find this an odd question because the point is to get exposure for your business – which will lead to paying customers.

But since people are asking whether you get paid to be a guest, here’s the answer:

If you’re Oprah Winfrey reading this (*waves*), then yes, the likelihood is you will get paid.

If not, then probably not!

It really does depend on the size of your audience, your niche and your authority. You may find that some podcasters do offer payment for guest appearances, but most do not.

We wouldn’t go into appearing on podcasts with the expectation to get paid for your appearances.

As a small business owner, it’s all about credibility, exposure and thus as a result… getting sales.

If anything, you should be paying them to be on their show!

It’s very lucrative to get the exposure in front of a massive audience of potential customers. 😃

To get on podcasts as a guest, remember this one thing!

If you remember one thing from this article, make it this: personalise, personalise, personalise!

Whatever you do, personalise your approach when reaching out to a podcaster.

Make them aware that you’ve listened to (and loved!) their podcast, that you will deliver value to their audience and that you fill in a gap they haven’t yet explored.

Don’t forget to download the Guest Podcast Planner, which includes the free email template too!

This will help you keep track of all the podcasters you’ve approached and where you’re up to with each person.

Now you should have everything you need to get on podcasts as a guest.

Keep us updated with how you get on. We love hearing your success stories!An email template for podcast-guest outreach