How Podcasts Create a Deeper Connection to your Audience

In marketing we talk a lot about giving your brand a voice: we then talk about mission statements, brand values, font types, artwork specifications… the list could go on!

However there is one thing every single company has within it; whether you are a solopreneur or run a team, you have people… And people have voices! Actual voices!

So why don’t more of us use them? Blogs are fantastic, videos incredible… but the time it takes to read a blog post, or watch a video requires the potential customers full attention. Audio can be consumed whilst doing almost anything else… commuting, running at the gym, walking the dog, doing the ironing.

Today’s businesses are often turning to podcasts as a way of building stronger relationships with audiences, and diversifying their marketing experiences.

When customers can’t watch videos, they open their podcast app as a simple and entertaining method of getting information from their favorite companies, brand and people.

There are five main reasons that I tell every business to start a podcast, I won’t go into detail on those because you can get what you need from the titles below and can find similar lists simply by googling:

  1. Podcasts are a unique alternative to video
  2. Podcasts improve traffic generation
  3. Podcasts build strong relationships
  4. Podcasts aren’t expensive to make
  5. Podcasts are incredibly engaging

I’m sure if you read on content marketing at all, you have heard the above 5 reasons a million times, however I’m not sure you ever find out exactly… WHY?

Why are podcasts so good at building relationships, why are they so engaging, and why do people trust you when they hear your voice?

Why are podcasts so good at building relationships?

When people listen to podcasts they are normally alone. Statistics from Edison Research show that many people listen to podcasts whilst driving, commuting, at the gym, running, walking the dog etc. All fairly solitary tasks.

This means that they are being broadcast directly into someone’s ears, often very close to them with headphones, and the podcasts job without knowing it… is to keep that person from feeling alone.

There are stories (often in hollywood but still…) where two people are stranded alone for a long period of time, and they fall in love. We are fond of things that help us feel less alone and who get us through tasks we may not want to do.

I know when it’s raining and I have got to take the dog out that the only reason I look forward to it is that it’s time for another great podcast… plus I do like jumping in puddles!

If you podcast regularly, listeners will become familiar with your voice and presentation style, and this familiarity will build a great relationship.

Why are podcasts so engaging?

There is a one word answer to that, and that is… storytelling. Podcasts are made up of stories, whether it is from the interviewees experiences with something, or that the podcast is an audio drama.

Kristina Adams wrote a brilliant blog here a couple of weeks ago about How to Write Stories that Sell, and the principles she spoke of apply directly to podcasts too.

Everyone has a story, our “dance of conversation” is normally… I tell a story about me, you tell a story in return about your experiences of something similar… and so on. That is why they are so engaging, using a story adds the ability to relate to something in your personal experiences.

And it also gives you something to tell someone else about it, perfect for down the pub at 5pm on Friday afternoon!

When I have been speaking about this before I got heckled once saying: “I read my kid bedtime stories, doesn’t mean he wants to buy from me…”

I hadn’t been heckled before, but it was great as it allowed me to tell this story:

(Story taken from Sell with a Story by Paul Smith)

This is an amazing story that shows that when adding a story to a product it’s value drastically increases. Podcasting allows you to tell that story, and the stories of others for ultimate engagement.

Why do people trust you more when they hear your voice?

This answer is fairly simple… You can’t hide!!

Sites like TrustPilot and Check-a-Trade have built a business on the idea of ‘giving a voice to people builds trust’. The main problem with these sites is the rumours of “fake reviews” and that’s because anyone with a computer could be writing them and making up a fake customer name like “Teresa Green” or “Toby Lerone” ????

You can simply make up a name, however it is remarkably hard to fake a voice… You would have to learn a different accent or do an impression!

Using your voice to be your brand eliminates the “stranger” in the equation, and people are far more likely to do business with someone they know, than someone they don’t.

Podcasting enables you to give your brand a personality and a voice, in a way that text on a page cannot.

With fiction writing you are able to fill the gaps with your imagination (Dumbledore didn’t look the same after I saw the movies!), however with a brand you don’t necessarily want a consumer to do that… They could fill the gaps with bad thoughts about you as much as they can good.

Tell them who you are, let them hear your voice and let them know that you aren’t hiding… And when the time is right, they will buy from you.

It’s also hugely beneficial if you appear on other podcasts as a guest. If you learn how to get on a podcast as a guest, you can reach thousands more people and build your own podcast audience. 


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