Pricing Quiz | Are you charging enough?

Are you charging enough?

In this video we give you the DEFINITIVE answer to that question.

Answering ‘no’ to any of these 6 questions means you need to put your prices up… NOW!

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Are you charging enough?

In this video we give you the DEFINITIVE answer to that question.

We are right off the back of keynoting Social Media Marketing World, which was a blast when a friend over here asked us if he could buy us breakfast to chat over something.

We said sure… food is expensive out here… you can buy us a $20 breakfast burrito if you like… we’ll take all the freebies we can get!

Now bearing in mind our talk was all about marketing, and how to use the 90:10 rule… this was his first question…

Can you tell me if I’m charging enough!?

And it got us thinking… how many people struggle with that question. And more importantly how hard is it to answer!?

The test

We wanted to come up with something definite to help everyone… here’s a test. It’s 6 questions – If you answer NO to any of them, then you aren’t charging enough.

Question 1. Have you put your prices up in the last 12 months?

If not – then you aren’t charging enough.

Our office gets more expensive every year with inflation. Prices go up guys! And the value you bring goes up too.

Question 2. If you were to look at your industry as a whole and how much everyone is charging, are you at least in the top 50%?

If you’re not, then you aren’t charging enough. Don’t take part in the race to the bottom. If other people are charging more than you for the same product or service, then it’s a signal to raise your prices.

Question 3. Has someone ever questioned your price?

Maybe someone has said, “Oooh, that’s a bit pricey… but you know what, let’s do it!’

If they haven’t then, guess what? You aren’t charging enough! If people are biting off your hand to work with you, that’s not necessarily good and it could well mean you’re too cheap.

Question 4: Are you charging enough to outsource some of your work?

No? You guessed it… you aren’t charging enough! Especially if you’re swapping time for money, your business won’t scale if you aren’t charging enough to outsource.

Question 5: Are you charging enough so you don’t have to spend all week on client work?

If you need to hustle hard all week on your client work and don’t have time for business development, it’s a huge sign you need to up your prices.

Question 6: Are you profitable?

If not, then you aren’t charging enough. Simple!

We’d love to know how you all get on taking this pricing test. Let us know in the comments if you’re inspired to put up your prices!