Quick! Before it’s Too Late – Make use of your LinkedIn Connections with Long Form Posts

Ok be honest, do you ever use LinkedIn? Like really use LinkedIn? We thought not haha 😉

All those business connections you have made, and do you ever keep in touch on LinkedIn? Do you ever post on the home page feed to all your connections? There is so much untapped potential on LinkedIn, so now it’s about time to put some attention on it right?

There is lots that can be done on LinkedIn to make the most out of it, but this post is just about ‘long form posts’ an update that has only been released towards the end of 2014. So it is still fresh, and still untapped by many.

Which is the exact reason you NEED to QUICKLY jump on this opportunity. Not many people are using it! This means you can dominate the notifications tab and create a lot of attention.

So what is it?
Long Form Posts are LinkedIn’s publishing platform, a blogging type platform if you will.

Anyone can post, and anyone can see it, even if they are not a LinkedIn member or a connection.

According to LinkedIn, this is how long-form posts are distributed:
– They’ll appear in the Posts section on your profile, just beneath the top section that contains your photo and headline.
– Shared with your connections and followers
– Members who aren’t in your network can follow you from your long-form posts when you begin to publish.
– Interactions such as likes, comments, and shares will distribute your content beyond your immediate network.
– Your long-form posts are searchable both on and off LinkedIn. Note: Long-form posts are public and can be seen by anyone, even if they don’t have a LinkedIn account.
– High-quality long-form posts, as determined by our algorithm and other variables, may enable your long-form post to be distributed beyond your connections and followers, through channels such as LinkedIn Pulse and emails. However, we can’t guarantee that this will occur.
– LinkedIn may also distribute your long-form posts as part of aggregated LinkedIn content beyond LinkedIn (for example, on trusted partner sites).

If you have a blog, you will know how hard it is to build a subscribers list, but now on LinkedIn, you basically have a great big list straight away! How many connections do you have, 200? 300? 700? All of them will be getting a notification about your new post. Fantastic for Top of Mind Awareness, building relationships, and thought leadership.

Every week the amount of notifications we get from these long form posts increases, more and more people are doing it, and it’s easy to see why!

This creates a problem…
When everyone starts doing this, there will be too much noise. LinkedIn states that:

‘Relevant and high-quality long-form posts will be naturally distributed through member feedback such as views, likes, comments, and shares. Depending on the community’s engagement, some long-form posts may have better metrics and wider distribution than others.

Our goal is to match the right content with the right professional. This assures that every member sees customized professional news and insights that inform and inspire them.’

This means that basically those whose posts are the most engaging will get better distribution. If you start now, and get people reading your articles and wanting more (they have to be good) in the future when it gets too noisy yours will be still hunted out and read. So it is important to start now with some great posts.

ACTION: Re-purpose (link) some of your content to quickly make some posts for LinkedIn now.
ACTION: Add us on LinkedIn (with a personal message) and we want to see your posts! Our names are Andrew Pickering and Peter Gartland.
ACTION: When you have posted, ask a fews close friends if they can like it and comment or share it even. The more engagement it gets, the better it’s distribution remember.