Quick inspiration for types of content to share

Here’s a rundown on the types of content you can share, to give you some inspiration for the next time you need to do some content marketing.

– Standard Blog Posts – your general blog posts are written fairly casually, and should provide useful information on a certain topic. We call these ‘standard’ not because they are inferior, but they are what people generally think of, when talking about ‘blogs.’

– Pictures – publish pictures of your products, of your team in action, of any events you have been to, of any of your work. Pictures should be an important part of your content strategy, even if you don’t have a visual product.
– Q and A – Ask your followers/clients/email list to ask you questions, and the questions they ask basically give you what to write about. A great way of creating some interaction, and showing you listen to your audience.

– Opinions – Keep an eye on industry news, and if anything important happens offer your opinion on it.

– Reviews – Any kind of product/service/book review that is specific to your industry that your potential customers will find interesting, makes for good content.

– Videos – if you are comfortable in front of a camera, ‘vlogging’ (video blogs) can be a much quicker easier way of sharing your content.

– Guides – Guides and how-to’s go down well in certain industries, and really show what you are talking about.

– Interviews – Ask some interesting people if they wouldn’t mind being interviewed for your blog. The exposure they’ll get will no doubt massage their ego, and the majority should say yes.

– Guest Blogs – Similar to interviews, they get some awareness, and you get to take a week off writing. Moreover it provides the audience with another industry expert opinion, thus extending the way in which you help.

Obviously we could talk about all of these in much more detail, but this was just to give you some quick inspiration.

ACTION: Take a look at the list, and for each point jot down some notes of potential content you could create.