Quick Tip for Proposals – Every Little Helps

Quick tip:

Put your prices at the top of your proposal


Well why put it at the bottom? You read all this convincing sales spiel of the proposal and then boom hit them with the price and put the potential customer off. Oftentimes the reader will just skip to the end anyway to find out the price and thus not properly read your proposal.

We believe it is just a habit, the thing to do, the standard, carried on from other marketing materials.

We don’t like doing the norm though do we.

It does make sense on other marketing materials, like an advert for example or a web page. You don’t want to put people off straight away with price, rather concentrate on grabbing attention, engagement, building trust, creating desire, or brand recognition or whatever it may be. There is no need to mention price straight away, so put it at the end.

But with a proposal it’s not the same. You have asked for a proposal, so you are going to read it anyway (bearing in mind that your proposal should not be too long and laborious). Having the price at the end is just going to leave a nasty taste at the end of a nice read. Try putting it on the first page, so they know from the start what the cost is. You then have the whole of the document to convince them of how much your services are more than worth that price. At the end they are convinced that they want your services, and without any other barriers or nasty price shocks they are free to just say yes to you! By the end of the proposal they have come to terms with the price and should be convinced you are providing enough value for that price. It finishes on a high, not on a cost. That alone makes an impact.

We’re not saying this little tweak will mean you now have 100% hit rate on proposals, but with these kinds of things, every little helps. Everything you can do to win the sale will help, especially the little things.

Check out this article that won us a big job, just by being a little different with our proposal delivery.

ACTION: Tweak your proposal template now ready for next time.

EXTRA TIP: Use the word ‘Investment’ not ‘price’ or ‘cost’. It’s much more positive and subconsciously suggests that it is going to give you a return, it isn’t just and expense. The language you use is very important, you need to sound confident and positive throughout. Every little helps with proposals so put the effort in to them.