QUICK TIP: How to not let blogging run your life

More and more now, blogging has become almost a norm of a marketing strategy. It is a great way to show your expertise, get across your brand, and entice people to find out what you are all about.

However, it is a time sucker. We talk to many micro businesses who simply don’t have time, can’t think of enough content, and aren’t getting enough from it to justify the time it takes.

Here’s a solution for you. Instead of trying to write a weekly/daily blog, cut down on your blogging, and increase your promotions of the blogs you already have.

Blogging is only going to work if people read your blogs, comment and share. So you need the audience, or it is wasted time. Therefore, a better strategy may be, less blogs (at a better quality), plus more promotion.

ACTION: Test something out. Cut your blogging down (or maybe don’t blog at all for a time period). Spend this time instead promoting your old blogs, and getting them in front of the right people.