#Remarketing – Strategy 3: Remarketing Based on Site Abandonment

In a slight advancement of Strategy 2 – where we were looking at people who have visited certain pages on your website, Strategy 3 is about targeting people who have been on certain pages of your website, but not been on others.

Again this is super simple to set up…

Note: To do this, you must have already placed your retargeting pixel on your website, which we covered in the article ‘Placing your Retargeting Pixel’ (luckily you don’t have to do it again!)

So after you have your retargeting pixel on your website…

> Login to your Facebook Ads Manager
> Select Audiences (down the left hand side)
> Select Create Audiences > Custom Audience
> Select People visiting specific web pages but not others

Facebook Remarketing Strategy

Again you can decide if you want to collect data by URL keywords, or URL equals. In this example we are using URL equals…

Facebook Remarketing Strategy

How do you use this strategy?

This strategy can be mainly use for site abandonment, where the visitor exits the website before completing a task.

It is most easily explained with an e-commerce store, where you can instruct Facebook to ‘collect a list of people who reach the checkout page, but don’t reach the thank you page’, as you can assume with high probability these people were about to buy, but at the last minute changed their mind.

It may then be a good idea to run an ad campaign to these people, to get them back on your site to complete their transaction!

If you don’t have a e-commerce store however, you can still use this strategy, you just need to know what you want your web visitors to do, and have the relevant thank you pages set up.

For example, say you are a web design company that has a ‘Get a Quote’ form on certain service pages of your website, and a thank you page the visitor is directed to once completed. In this case, you would collect in a custom audience everybody who has been on your website, and not reached that thank you page. You could then run an ad encouraging these people to get a free quote from you.

ACTION: For this to work you need to have a page on your website the visitor is redirected to once they have done as you wish. If you don’t have this page, create on, or contact your web designer.