#Remarketing – Strategy 5: Remarketing to your Customers

The final main strategy we are going to show you before exploring 2 bonus strategies, is remarketing to people who have bought from you.

We have already showed you remarketing with an email list, so you may have a list of customers you could upload here, however if you have an online shop, you can easily add buying customers to a custom audience, in exactly the same way we showed you how to remarket based on interests, the only difference here, is we add people to our custom audience who reach the thank you page.

Setting Up the Strategy
Note: To do this, you must have already placed your retargeting pixel on your website, which we covered in the article ‘Placing your Retargeting Pixel’ (luckily you don’t have to do it again!)

So after you have your retargeting pixel on your website…

> Login to your Facebook Ads Manager
> Select Audiences (down the left hand side)
> Select Create Audiences > Custom Audience
> Select Website Traffic

On the drop-down menu select ‘People who visit specific web pages’


There’s 2 option here. You can either have the URL contains a certain Keyword, or the URL equals…


Select URL equals, and type in the link of your thank you page e.g. /thanks

Click ‘Create Audience’ and your Custom Audience is created!

Note: You still need a minimum of 20 people to have visited this page for the custom audience to work.

How to use this strategy

If your product is good and satisfying, this list is going to be your list of warmed up customers, who are ready to recommend you, buy more, or ‘do’ other actions you may want them too.

For example you may run ads to this group of people to get them to like your page, or get them on your email list, or run some ads that are purely content and ask them to share it.

You could also upsell to this audience

In order to upsell to this audience, it can be helpful if you know what products they have bought (or not bought), as the last thing you want to be doing is running ads to somebody to buy a product they already have!

There’s a couple ways to do this, but you are going to have to work with your online shopping system to work out the best way.

Solution 1: One solution would be to have different thank you pages setup for different products, and then set up a different custom audience for each product, this way you know your custom audience is full of people who have bought specific products. This will get complicated however if you have multiple products being purchased.

Solution 2: Using the instructions from remarketing based on site abandonment, you can set up a custom audience with people who reach the thank you page, but don’t reach a specific product page. This should then collect an audience of people who have bought, but didn’t buy a certain product. This product you can then upsell to the audience.

Running ads to upsell products is most effective if the product the customer has already bought is complementary, or the product you are advertising is the next logical step (e.g. the next part to a training series).

ACTION: In a later article we are going to be deciding what strategy is best for you, but for now just have a think about how this could work for you.