#Remarketing – Strategy 6: Boosting Other Campaigns *Bonus Strategy*

So far we have shown you how you can cleverly use remarketing to capture people into a custom audience on your Facebook Advertising manager, based on how they interact with your website.

This is awesome, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we could apply this to all our marketing too. Well, there are ways we can be using remarketing to boost ALL of our other marketing efforts too. Just like the rest of the strategies, it is pretty easy to set-up and is just based on the principle that when we do other marketing, we send people to a unique page on our website, we then track that page using the same method we talked about in strategy 2.

Let us give you an example…

Bob (imaginative we know) owns a window cleaning company, and delivers 10,000 flyers in the local area, historically the flyers would go through the door, and the rest would be in fate’s hands.

However Bob has been reading up remarketing. What he does, is put a unique link on this flyer with a call to action, that says: “We are cleaning in your area, visit www.bobscleaningservices.com/July2015 to spin the wheel and get get a special discount”

Now, that link isn’t being used anywhere else but on this flyer, so Bob knows that if he sets up a custom audience based on people who visit that link, these are people who have read his flyer, and are interested enough to enquire about his discounted prices. Bob can now use Facebook Advertising to continue to turn these warmed potential customers into red hot leads.

Setting Up the Strategy
Note: To do this, you must have already placed your retargeting pixel on your website, which we covered in the article ‘Placing your Retargeting Pixel’ (luckily you don’t have to do it again!)

So after you have your retargeting pixel on your website…

> Login to your Facebook Ads Manager
> Select Audiences (down the left hand side)
> Select Create Audiences > Custom Audience
> Select Website Traffic

On the drop-down menu select ‘People who visit specific web pages’


There’s 2 option here. You can either have the URL contains a certain Keyword, or the URL equals…


Select URL equals, and type in the link of your unique page e.g. /July2015

Click ‘Create Audience’ and your Custom Audience is created!

Note: You still need a minimum of 20 people to have visited this page for the custom audience to work.

Like we say, you can use this with all your marketing efforts!

Just think of all the times you ask people to visit a certain URL, that’s where we can use this strategy. It works both for online and offline marketing…your business cards even!

ACTION: In a later article we are going to be deciding what strategy is best for you, but for now just make a list of all the times you ask people to visit a link to find out more. This is your list of opportunities to use this strategy.