#Remarketing – Strategy 7: Same Day Visitors *Bonus Strategy*

If you have a good amount of traffic coming to your website, then this final strategy can be really effective, as what we are doing here is creating a custom audience of ‘fresh’ people who have been on your website that same day.

This is great because if people have been on your website that day then you are fresh in their minds, and so as long as they have had a positive experience on your website then, if you ask them to do something else via an ad – they are more likely to say yes!

The minimum amount of people needed is still 20, so you need to be getting at least 20 visitors on your website a day to use this, however if you aren’t quite getting that many you may want to extend it to everybody who has been on your site in the last few days (i.e. people who aren’t super fresh, but still fresh enough to eat, advertise to).

Setting Up the Strategy
Note: To do this, you must have already placed your retargeting pixel on your website, which we covered in the article ‘Placing your Retargeting Pixel’ (luckily you don’t have to do it again!)

So after you have your retargeting pixel on your website…

> Login to your Facebook Ads Manager
> Select Audiences (down the left hand side)
> Select Create Audiences > Custom Audience
> Select Website Traffic

On the drop-down menu select ‘Anyone who visits your website’ and change ‘In the last X days’ to 1.


Click ‘Create Audience’ and your Custom Audience is created!

How to use this strategy

Going right back to Strategy 1 now, where we were remarketing to all web visitors to get likes, build our list or send people to content with native adverts, we just instead use this ‘fresh’ audience and we should see better results.

However, you can also use this strategy with every strategy we have used thus far, as we can say how ‘fresh’ we want the list to be in exactly the same way as above (bar Strategy 4 where we are reengaging old visitors).

So this is what you do…you look at all your custom audiences you have created where you are getting an extra 20 people a day, and for each you create a new custom audience where you are just collecting the new people who have been added to the list that day.

Then when you come to create the ad for that audience, you test sending it to the full audience, as well as the new audience of ‘fresh’ people, and measure the results.

That’s the end of all the strategies, in the next article we are going to be looking at how to decide which is best for you!