Instagram Story Ideas | 4 Ways to Get Business from Stories

Did you know you can make sales from Insta stories? Oh yea!

In this video we’re going to show you four Instagram story ideas, to help you get clients fast – regardless of whether you have a small following, or a massive following!

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Did you know you can make sales from Insta stories? Oh yea!

In this video we’re going to show you four Instagram story ideas, to help you get clients fast – regardless of whether you have a small following, or a massive following!

The Walk Through

This is one of the best ways to make sales from Insta stories. We often presume that people know what we do, when in reality most people don’t have a clue of the skill level, the dedication, that it takes to do what you do.

A great way to show people is to literally go through it, in detail, on an Instagram story. Just like Natalie Hailey did. Natalie Hailey is a content manager, but what does that actually mean?

Well let’s show you! Here’s her Instagram story, where she’s going through, and showing, every little detail of her work. So, any potential client watching can see how awesome Natalie is and more importantly, what she can do for them.

The important differentiation here is that, this isn’t just some kinda of quick, behind-the-scenes photo, this is really, really in depth going through exactly what she does in minute detail. Which is great for those detail oriented people that want to see what they’re actually going to get before they buy it.

Natalie has then also turned this into a permanent Instagram story highlight on her profile, so that any new people and potential clients that come her way, can check out exactly what she does.

It’s also very apt because it’s actually our video that she’s working on in that story so go check that out.

The Double Positive Poll plus Follow Up

When talking about the exciting things you do in your story, it’s important to know who is interested, and therefore who to follow up with. An easy way to do this is by using polls. But, when most people use polls in their Instagram story, they have a positive option and a negative option. For example, if you’re talking about your product, you might be like, “Hey you, are you interested in this, Yes or No?”

But that’s rubbish isn’t it? Because we don’t want to know who’s not interested. What we want to know is, who’s on the fence. Who’s potentially interested, so we can follow up.

Introducing The Double Positive Poll!💥

For example, if I were a virtual assistant I could ask the question, “Who’s got a VA?” And rather than doing a pointless poll, which is, yes or no, because who cares about those options, you could have the options of ‘Yes’ and ‘I’m thinking about it’. Or, ‘Yes’ and ‘What do they do?’

Can you see now how this is way better? Because you can now go and DM all of those people and start a conversation based on what they voted on.

We taught this strategy to our friend, Jenna Marie when she was launching her media diary and this is what she did. She asked the question: Have you got yours? It’s a double positive poll with the options ‘Yes’ and ‘I’m on it’. This allows her to follow up with all those people that say ‘I’m on it’. They’re on the fence. They’re almost there. She just needs to push them.

Swipe Up for More Information

When you’re talking about your offering, or maybe showing off some client wins, or some testimonials, get the people who are watching your story to swipe up, to chart if they want more information about what you do.

Now you do not need 10,000 followers to do this. We’re not talking about sending people to a link. If you swipe up on a regular story, it just starts a chat in direct messages. So, literally just add something like this, at the end of your story, because this is the perfect way to start more sales conversations with people who are actually interested.

The Group Chat

The group chat feature allows people to click on a button in your story and get entered into a private group chat with you, and everyone else who clicked on that button.

This has so many possibilities! You could invite people to a research group, to a pre-launch group, to a limited offer discount group, to a “I have no idea what a VA is. Please tell me” group.

Time to make sales with Insta stories

Has this inspired you to make sales with Insta stories? Give it go today and start some sales conversations with potential clients!

Let us know in the comments which ideas stuck out the most and which one you’re going to try next. If it the double positive poll? Or, maybe, is it that you’re interested in the double positive poll? 😂

At the end of the day, the best way to get new clients from Instagram, is by simply having more conversations with potential clients on Instagram. So make sure you’re using all of these ideas regularly!