Sales Proposals that ALWAYS get an Epic YES!

Sales proposals sometimes bomb! But not on our watch!

In this video we give you 3 tips to help you increase your conversion rates for your proposals. They’re gonna give you the best chance of converting more prospects at a higher rate 🙌

We’ll also show you how to get your hands on our fully editable (and free!) sales proposal template which has already had a massive impact for a lot of our ATOMIC members!

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Sales Proposal Templates To Guarantee New Clients

How To Close A Sale | Client Says “I’ll think about it”



So you spend your whole life writing a proposal and then get a ‘No’. Or, even worse you get ghosted and don’t even hearing anything back.

Well, in this very video we’re gonna give you three tips to help you increase your conversion rates for your proposals.

We’re gonna help you make your proposals super epic and have the best possible chance of converting at a higher rate, so that you can win more business and grow your business!

There are three tips to help you increase your chances of getting that big fat yes… we’re also gonna give you a fully editable, professionally designed sales proposal template which is proven to increase your conversion rates absolutely for free.

We get told every single week that somebody has used the proposal template and it works.

Rachel S. says:

“I saved £400 on getting my own version designed, your proposal template has been heaven sent!”

And people have come back to us and said that their client has told them that it was the most beautiful proposal that they’d ever received!

So, grab your copy and save yourself some time and make yourself some more money.

Time the sending of the proposal beautifully

So, when in the actual sales process does the proposal get sent?

Here’s a rule for you, only send that proposal after the next follow up meeting has been booked in a diary.

Here’s why this works, traditionally how people do it is they have that initial meeting, they send their proposal. Then they wait for a reply, forever. And then, if they do reply, only at that point do you get in that next meeting, discuss it and close the sale. But doing it that way, you could literally be waiting forever. They might never get back to you!

This is their opportunity to just ghost you 👻 And, you don’t even have a chance to like, handle those objections or discuss it with them.

Here’s what you do instead. And it all takes place in that first initial meeting…

Once you’ve had that initial chat and it comes to actually writing the proposal and saying goodbye, instead of saying, “Right, I’m gonna write a proposal and get back to you.” instead say something along the lines of this:

“I’m going to write up that proposal straight away for you. Should we book in a call next week for just 10 minutes or so? Just discuss the next steps? It’ll save so much time going back and forth on email.”

And right there and then, ask them to get out their calendar and book in that call with you.

And we’re actually positioning this as a positive thing. We’re actually saving them time rather than going back and forth on emails.

So, now we’ve had that initial meeting. We’ve got the next one booked in to follow up so now we can send that proposal.

If you do it this way, on the next call, they’ve already seen the price which takes away any awkwardness about talking about cost. So, then you can just focus on handling any objections or answering any questions.

The Proposal Plus video

We actually got this idea from one of our awesome ATOMIC members, Rob Galvin who used our template. Rob builds freaking amazing Thinkific course websites and membership websites and there’s quite a lot that goes into his proposals.

So, what Rob started to do is, as well as send the proposal, he also sends a video version of that proposal.

He uses a tool like Loom to screen record and he just goes through the proposal and explains it fully to the potential client.

This does two things for Rob.

Number one, he can add in some more detail.

And two, it allows a potential client to get to know Rob a little bit better and get familiar with him. And, this is perfect for if there’s a team that wasn’t in that initial meeting and they don’t know who Rob is yet and they can all get to know him themselves.

A proposal should never be a 100% video. Rob always accompanies the video with the actual written proposal but Rob told us that the first two proposals he sent this way, he made an extra $10,000. Plus, the client absolutely loved it!

Use a simple to understand breakdown page

There’s going to be two types of people who read your proposal. People like Pete, who will read every single word of it, like it’s a Harry Potter book. Uncovering every minute detail to understand exactly to the nth degree what is being pitched to them.

Or people like Andrew, who has literally the shortest attention span ever…

When you’re pitching to people like Andrew, the breakdown page is invaluable (we did include it in the template).

Basically it’s a page that summarises everything that you’ve said in the proposal. And, if you’ve pitched multiple packages, as we suggest, then it summarises what’s in each.

This is great for two reasons. Firstly, you’ll win over people like Andrew.

And secondly, it puts your packages side-by-side.

Now, if you follow the advice in the instructional video that comes alongside the sales proposal template, it will make sure that your most expensive package seems like an absolute no brainer.

If you incorporate one, two or all three of these tactics you will start to see more success. And, we’d love to know in the comments which you think is either easiest to do or which one you’re gonna try first!