Save Time with Recurring Posts

How much of your posts should be self promotional, 20% And the other 80% thought leadership (i.e. sharing great content and ideas, and quotes etc).

But if your promotional posts are pretty much saying the same thing repeatedly then it can get boring for you, and waste your time doing it consistently.

The cool thing is that you can set tweets like this to recurring, so they go out either every day, or every month. It might be worth then, building up a bank of recurring posts every week/month so that each day there is a new wording used.

This is how you do it with a social media management platform called Manage Flitter.

Hover your mouse over ‘Engagement’ in the menu and click on ‘PowerPost’. You will see this tab ‘Recurring’ – click on it.


From here just start adding your posts. Remember you can also post to Facebook and Linkedin, not just Twitter, so do multiple recurring posts with different frequencies for each social media platform. Twitter you might want to post more often than Facebook for example.

Screenshot 2015-04-04 21.56.26

You can also set up recurring posts on Buffer and probably some other platforms too

Check out some other amazingly useful, time saving features of Manage Flitter here.

ACTION: Set up a range of recurring promotional posts now so that you save yourself time in the future.