See-through Business Cards – An #AffordableCreative Stand Out Marketing Idea

Business Cards are a true marketing staple that every business owner should have handy for those all important networking moments. We’ve talked about them in the past here, and here we showed you how powerful a good concept could be.

So here’s a new STAND OUT marketing idea in our #AffordableCreative series (note: this is the first article in the series, so more will be added soon) for your business cards…

The See-Through Business Card…it doesn’t take much more explanation that that, you can get business cards printed on transparent plastic and if done right, they can create a real WOW moment when you hand over your card in a networking situation.

There’s loads of companies that print them, just Google something like ‘transparent business cards’ and follow your nose to find a good supplier.

Top Tip: Shop around to make sure you get the best price – and ask for a sample pack if possible.

Here’s how to make them even better…

Now, what you don’t want to do is just get your logo a contact details printed on them. That’s boring. These are going to be a bit more costly than standard cards, so you need to max out the investment.

As you can see in the above image you can have some real fun with perspective – you can hold a transparent business card up to somebodies face and create all sort of illusions. For example a hairdresser could have various cards with different hair styles printed or a photographer could have a frame printed to hold up and create your own photograph. Do you get the idea? It is a great ice breaker.

The key to a business card that creates business is one where somebody just has to show somebody else, or one that doesn’t get put in the draw and forgotten about. Can you say that about yours?


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