Sell 6x the Amount of Tickets With This Simple Strategy

Trying to sell more tickets at your next event? This is a MUST read.

We recently attended a talk by marketing god Seth Godin, and he did something so subtle and so clever to sell tickets that we just had to tell you! We’ll keep it quick too…

So upon going to pay for your ticket, you got two options:

– 1 Ticket: £360
– Group Ticket (6 People Max): £880

That equals around £146.66 for an individual ticket as part of a group, a saving of £213.33.

So what’s the first thing you’re going to do? Exactly, tell everyone you know to get involved and buy a ticket too!

And that is exactly how we heard about it, someone posted in a group about getting a group together to go see Seth Godin. Do you see how subtle this is, yet how powerful it was? It instantly turns anyone wanting to buy a ticket into a sales agent for the event, going around trying to get people there with them!

We aren’t saying offer huge discounts for groups, in fact the opposite, put up the price of the individual ticket. £146 was probably the price Seth was happy with, but putting the individual price right up made it a much smarter decision for people to go gather a few friends and buy a group ticket.

ACTION: Try out a group ticket at your next event and watch the sales and word of mouth shoot up!