Our SMMW17 and La La Land Adventure

In March 2017 we went on adventure. It started in San Diego where we spoke for the the first time at Social Media Marketing World, then we jetted off to Hollywood for some fun with the STARS!

And of course, since we’re digital marketers, the whole thing was documented in an epic Instagram story…

Wanna skip to some highlights, check out…

3:21 – Andrew tries Oysters for the First Time
4:32 – Ordering 200 Beach Balls for Our Talk
6:34 – Steve Dotto Wears a Beach Ball on his Head
22:04 – Exploring Hollywood Boulevard
24:39 – Universal Studios, Minions, and Pete pushed into a water fountain
36:44 – Eating Sushi for the first time with Amy Schmittauer
38:00 – Our Trip to Disneyland

We also got some new photos done!

Laura Pearman, our long-standing photographer of choice was also attending SMMW17, so we got some Kodak moments to remember it by.

Didn’t she do a fricking awesome job…

We got Laura on our YouTube channel last year giving out some awesome tips on getting headshots that reflect your brand… check that out below, and click here to find out how you can work with Laura too.



 The Importance of Business Adventures

We had an absolute blast guys! We love having business adventures, it always rejuvenates our passion, gives us new ideas, and just takes us out of the day-to-day running of our business which allows us to see the bigger picture.

So why don’t you start planning your next adventure now!

Andrew and Pete