#ToolReview: Sniply – How to Generate Leads from Sharing Other People’s Blogs

What if you could get leads every time you shared someone else’s content? If you have a social media account you will know how important it is to share other peoples content (content curation) to show yourself as a thought leader and worthy of a follow.

In fact experts recommend that 80% of your posts are in fact just links to other blogs of relevant content. But isn’t this a waste of traffic… you have done all the hard work of building your following, then taking the time to carefully select a great article for your readers, all for what, sending traffic to someone else’s site!?

You don’t get any real tangible benefits… until now!



With Sniply, you can display a call-to-action to every link you share. Thus making the content that you share a way generate leads and generate traffic.


It works in the same way as ‘bit.ly’ where you can shorten URL’s to add into your Tweets and other posts. Here is what it might look like in a Tweet:

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 09.15.27


But then when you visit the page by clicking on the link, your pop up appears at the bottom. Like this:



Cool right?!

And thats not it, the website tracks and analyses how many people click on the links you share and most importantly, it tracks how many people click on the link back to your content.

Wait, there’s still more, it even tells you how long people stayed on your page allowing you to find out if the links you post are useful to your followers.

Here’s what you can analyse…

The analysis is broken down into ‘Clicks’ meaning how many people have clicked onto the links you have shared. ‘Conversions’ is how many people have clicked onto your link and were therefore redirected back to your website, and finally the ‘AVG time on site’ tells you how long on average people are spending reading the content. anaylse

Sounds good right? There are several paid options you can opt for but the free option, which allows people to click on your links 1000 times a month is a great way to get started.

To get started you go to the website which you wish to tweet or post and copy the URL. Back on your dashboard in Sniply, paste the URL into the box which says ‘Enter URL’. Once you have copied and pasted the URL into the box, select ‘Create Snip’.


You then can create your own call to action box that pop’s up at the bottom of this shared website, to direct people back to a relevant page on your website. It could be a Landing Page where you can collect email addresses or even one of your blogs that compliments the article. On the paid for version you can add images and even a custom form right there and then, so there is no need to even redirect users.


You can edit all the text on this call to action button and some of the design too (if you opt for one of the paid for packages you can edit the design much more).

The final step is to press create and you’re set! You will be given a Sniply link you can share wherever you like as you would a normal link, but this special Sniply link will contain your call to action! From here why not schedule this post to go out each month to get the most out of each one.

ACTION: We think this is a great tool, and we have just scratched the surface with it ourselves. Go check it out, and see what results you get.

ACTION: Go visit www.snip.ly and sign up for a free account.