#ToolReview: Edgar – Why We Can’t Get Enough! It Saves us 5hrs a Week and Grows Our Following/Traffic

Time is a precious thing many of us wish we had more of and let us guess, scheduling time for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is something that doesn’t come top of the list?!

Well good news! Edgar has revolutionised our life and if you are big on blogging and/or social media then he’ll save you time too.

In a nutshell…
Edgar allows you to create ‘Schedules’ for each of you social media accounts and post to them, the twist being that once set-up Edgar will run indefinitely for you – rather than having to schedule posts each and every week. If you have over thirty blogs or like to post a lot on social media then this is for you, it is only $49/month and saves us about 5 hours a week whilst growing our audience.

Here’s the proof:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 08.26.02

Introducing Edgar…

How to use it?

It’s quite simple really, it might take some time to add all of your content in but once you do you’re all set. You can create categories such as ‘My blogs’ or ‘Quotes’ or ‘Funny Images’ or ‘Lead Magnets’ or ‘Content Curation’ and even ‘Promotional’, whatever you like.

Then you can set specific scheduling times for each individual social media platform and from which category is used to post. The whole thing is like a loop, so once the posts have run out, it starts again from the top. Thus meaning you don’t have to keep on doing it each week!

To create a post if hit the ‘Add New Content’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

If you want to post links to you blog posts simply copy and paste the URL and drop it into the box, you can add text and images to go along with the link. If the post is going to your twitter account make sure you write it in 148 characters or if it is for Facebook/LinkedIn it can be a lot longer. It doesn’t just have to be links for your blogs it can be anything you want to write, just make sure you tick which account it’s posting out to along the side. Select which category it’s going into and press ‘Save Content’.

Here’s an example of how we would set up a Lead Magnet to go onto Twitter:

If you want a specific post to go out at a specific time you can select that option otherwise it will just go into your category library. When it comes to posting from one of your categories it will take the most recent content you have added, it works by taking the post at the top of the list and sending it out. Once it had gone out it goes to the bottom of the list until it reaches the top again.

Why not get ahead of the game and mix Edgar in with Sniply. If you often post others peoples content create a Sniply link and paste that into the box instead, that way you can actually generate leads from these posts whilst saving double the time.

What next…?

Once you have your content it’s time to create your schedule, it looks just like a calendar. Schedule a time and day and pick what a category to choose a post from. Heres what our morning social media schedule now looks like with Edgar:

It’s really that simple. We used to spend at least half a day setting up Tweets and posts for the week and oftentimes we weren’t consistent with it because of time pressures. Now we can just let it run and add new content into the loop as and when.

ACTION: If you post a lot on social media (or you want to), and if you have a decent amount of blogs, why not take some time out to check out Edgar. It will save you masses of time in the long run.

ACTION: Just to keep on top of adding valuable content, every time you find an amazing article or blog post from someone else, Sniply it and pop it into your Edgar. For every new blog post you write there’s an option that adds every new blog post you create to your category. Sweet.

ACTION: It pays to work smarter, not harder, so if you want to save even more time on your marketing check out this article.

Edgar – The ultimate social media scheduling tool. Here’s a few more testimonials for you to get your head around:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 08.26.47