How to spot and plug holes in your social media strategy for 2020

Social networks have become an essential part of a digital marketing strategy for most businesses and it seems that this trend is not going to change during this year.

However, if you want to design a successful social media strategy, you should bear in mind that this world is in constant change and what works today might not in the near future. Also, we are not solo players, which forces us to keep up with the competition, try to find ways to maximize our results, look for components of our strategy that underperform and avoid getting caught up in the same mistakes.

Today I want to focus on this last part, that is,  how to stop making the same errors that can wreck our efforts and how to easily anticipate them.

The analysis of your strategy performance is crucial

When a marketing strategy is developed, many businesses don’t give enough importance to analyzing the results of their actions. If they do, they might fail to carry out a thorough evaluation to understand the weaknesses of their strategy, if they are keeping up with the latest trends on social media or even more important, to spot oversights or any hole in your strategy that without a proper analysis would have been very difficult to detect.

Therefore, although the last step of a marketing strategy is the analysis phase, it is one of the most important. It allows businesses to optimize their results and succeed. A periodic study of a social media strategy performance will help you discover any flaw that could drive your business away from your goals and find a timely solution.

What type of information can you extract from an analysis of your social media activity

⏩ The types of publications that are best received for your social media audience.

⏩ The social network where your company best perform.

⏩ The content that fails to engage your followers.

⏩ The publications with more interactions that encourage followers to convert.

⏩ How much traffic is driven from social networks to your website.

⏩ How your business perform in relation to your competitors on social media.

With all this information you will be able to spot and plug holes in your social media strategy and make your business thrive as the title of this article indicated.

A Top Tip

I highly recommend that you have a proper control of your analytics with periodic and comprehensive social media reports to get a great overview of your performance at the end of the year.

Aspects to discover holes in your social media strategy

So, it’s clear that analyzing your strategy must be taken seriously and can’t be neglected. However, I haven’t explained yet which aspects you need to analyze to discover the holes in your strategy that I have mentioned so far in this article. So, don’t miss what’s next!

Are you in the social networks where your target audience is?

The communication process through social networks consists of putting a business on the map,  branding and converting users. That is, encourage them to buy from your online store or subscribe to one of the services you offer.

Are you on the right path to achieve your goals on your social networks?

If you feel that you are not advancing as you have planned, it might be that you are not present in the right social networks.

Not everybody uses social networks the same way. If you are trying to reach a younger audience probably Instagram should be your choice. However, if you are trying to reach professionals or businesses in any specific sector, LinkedIn seems to be the right social platform where they are likely more present and active.

Find out where your target audience is and focus 100% on those social networks. Your results will skyrocket with this simple tweak!

Is your engagement good enough?

I am throwing out another question for you: Do you think that your customers are loyal and feel identified with your brand?

Uploading content on social media goes beyond sharing images and videos. The goal is to make followers feel a part of your community and encourage them to interact with you. This is the way to build brand loyalty.

Monitor the engagement ratio of your publications and compare it with those of your competitors to learn from them and try to surpass them. Optimize your strategy, publish similar content to the one that has generated more engagement and build loyalty amongst your customers on social networks.

Do you share valuable content? 

Social networks should be used for something more than sharing photos of your products. If you don’t maximize their potential that these platforms bring, you won’t be able to capture user attention and they might see you as SPAM.

This is why I advise you to generate valuable content for your followers. There is nothing bad about promoting and sharing content about your business but try to complement it with meaningful information for your users. Your publications will increase the chances to improve their reach and go viral.

Are you publishing at the right time?

You can publish when your content has higher possibilities to achieve your goals. If you share it at the wrong time, your content won’t get the impact you were expecting.

So, how do you do that?

The best times to publish are when your audience is more active on social networks. With an analysis based on your target audience you can discover when they are connected and therefore, they are more likely to see your content.

How to analyze your social media strategy

Each of the main social platforms dedicate one section for analytics:

  • Twitter Analytics offers an overview of your account performance and measures your impact on Twitter. It provides you with meaningful information such as number of followers and their demographic, impressions, visits to your profiles and number of mentions.


  • Instagram offers stats if you have a business profile. In this section you can monitor your content and get information about your audience.


  • LinkedIn also gives you access to insightful analytics to help you understand the performance of your company page and which parts of your strategy can be improved.


  • If you have a Facebook page, you will have access to Facebook Insights. You will be able to monitor and learn about the evolution of your page and get some recommendations from Facebook itself.

Besides, there are some external tools available in the market that give you the opportunity to access all these metrics in one place. That is, they simplify the analysis process which helps companies to save time and identify which parts of their strategy needs to be improved in a faster way. On top of that, you could even discover some priceless information about your competitors.


Even the most carefully designed social media marketing strategy can have holes that need to be covered and solved as soon as possible.  If we don’t do it in time, the problem can become bigger, divert our businesses from our goals and ultimately, make us lose our priceless time and money. The competition is high and any false moves can be costly.

In order to avoid this situation, it’s crucial to pay attention of the monthly impact of each of our actions. Analytics are essential to maintain a healthy and fruitful digital marketing strategy. If you keep up the hard work and the analysis become a fundamental part of your strategy it won’t take long  until you feel that your goals are a bit closer.

Good luck in your social media adventure!

Written by Sara Martin

Content Manager at Metricool

Metricool is a tool that allows you to analyse, manage and measure the success of all your digital content.

It provides all that you need for your social media strategy in one place: web analytics, blog content, metrics and a planning tool for your social network accounts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. It also gives you the possibility of studying your competition.

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