Social Selling | How to Sell Using Social Media with Integrity

If you’re using social media to grow your business then you’ve probably noticed how hard it is to sell via social media.

Sales posts typically TANK!

But we’ve mastered the art of social selling so that you can get sales from your social whilst keeping your integrity and not being overly salesy or even TANKING!

Yep, it’s possible! And we’ve done it to massively to grow our business.

👉 Find out the magic two step formula in our latest video


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Social selling got you stumped? Wanna know how to sell your products and services using social media, and do it with integrity too? This video’s for you! 👆

We were recently on stage at MarketEd.Live and we were asked by Chris Strub how we go about selling on social…

Because it seems like there are two camps that people generally fall into here…

Which camp do you fall into?

On the one side you have the people who believe that givers gain and that you should just put out lots of great helpful content and be totally selfless and giving in the hope that one day people will buy from you.

But that’s hope marketing, and it isn’t going to work effectively.

And on the flip side you have the people who take social selling to the extreme and are always selling outright and constantly just trying to get people to buy from them and get them into a funnel, etc.

But that’s not going to work either because you aren’t building up the trust.

Besides, 99% of your audience on social aren’t ready to buy right now so you don’t want to annoy them by constantly bombarding them with sales, right?!

So what’s the key?

Here’s our 2 step process to social selling

Well it’s a two step process that we teach all our ATOMIC members and it works a charm to be able to sell effectively with integrity and not bombard and annoy those 99% of your followers 💪

Now, preceding this 2 step process, we’re assuming you’ve built an audience online of potential customers, through useful, interesting or entertaining content and showing up consistently – because you do need that helpful content to build that trust.

But then how do you turn an audience into a customer?

The first step of this mystery is to find out who in your following is interested and ready to buy from you.

If we can find out who is interested we can then follow up with those people and get a sales conversation started.

To do that you need to post on social what we call ‘handraiser content’.

We’ll give you a couple of examples in a minute but essentially handraiser content is content that gets people who are in that 1% of your audience to raise their hand and say they are interested in buying 💁‍♀️

They may or may not know they have raised their hand, but this content will give YOU a trigger so that you can follow up with those people who are interested in your product or service, rather than harassing the 99% of people who aren’t ready yet.

So, think about what kind of content you can put out there which will get people to raise their hand.

Follow up with handraisers

The second even more crucial thing you need to do when it comes to social selling is FOLLOW UP with the handraisers.

And this depends on how you ‘gated’ your handraising content.

For example, we did a Facebook Live talking about video marketing and in the video we say, “comment with the word ‘Episode’ and you can get the first episode of our brand new show ‘Ready to Play’”.

This isn’t particularly harassing to people watching the video, they’re getting some great tips but we want to know out of the people watching, who is interested in joining our membership site for the full show.

The people commenting have shown their interest and essentially raised their hand to say they’re interested.

And if we follow up with those people and invite them to buy from they won’t be annoyed, in fact they will probably find it helpful to know how to buy and what it involves!

Do you see how this works?

Here’s another example. We posted a video on Facebook natively of a behind the scenes look at ATOMIC – our membership site.

Now we can assume that if anyone who’s watched up to 50% of this video is interested in joining ATOMIC, you’re not accidentally going to watch 2 minutes of a video 😆

So with the power of Facebook ads, we can actually send ads to those people who have watched more than 50% of our video and sell ATOMIC to them, without bombarding anyone else in our following.

You want more?

Other types of handraisers could be specific lead magnets, price guides, free quotes, free consultations, Messenger bot tags, remarketing, even “DM me for more info” can work well.

This is an amazing way to sell your services without being aggressively salesy on social.

If you found this interesting and would like to know more about creating a content strategy that sells, and how to build your audience in the first place, then we invite you to join us in our free online workshop ‘Content Marketing Decoded’.