When to Spend Money on Graphic Design and when Not to

It’s a big asked question, is it worth getting a logo designed or a flyer or whatever when I can just do it myself?

There is a lot of debate about this and what we are going to show you is open for interpretation but we believe that thee are just some things that NEED a professional designer to do. But we know what it’s like out there, and it’s tough to find the budget to pay for something you can do yourself.

The thing is, it is a matter of quality. Yes you can design stuff yourself, and if you want here’s an article on it. But what about quality? Will it be good enough? How you appear is extremely important, and poor design can make you look cheap and not credible. Thus putting off potential customers. Fortunately we made this graphic to show you what you absolutely need to get a professional in, and when it’s ok to DIY.


Essentials: Basically you need to find budget to hire a professional for these, otherwise your credibility might be questioned. So anything that is going to be an important customer facing visual, anything that needs to be high quality.

Budget Permitting: If any of these are going to be really important to you, or if you have got the budget for it, then get a professional graphic designer in. Your business will look so much better when almost everything is designed properly and consistently. If not don’t worry there are other ways round it.

Desirables: You can probably get these done yourself, but as above it’s always beneficial to get them done by a professional.

ACTION: The important point here is that you don’t skimp on the essentials. Think about your own visual branding, do you need to hire a professional graphic designer?