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A revolutionary new approach to making sure you take action and get results. Or else... 😉

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Business is a series of mini leaps of faith…


We trundle along doing what we think is right until inevitably we hit a leap of faith that seems too big...


Maybe it’s something we haven’t done before or something a little out of our comfort zone or something where we don’t know if it will pay off...


So we procrastinate!


The big problem is that all the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your business are the scariest things to do. Things like; sales outreach, influencer outreach, outsourcing…


It’s all the important and impactful things we need to do but are just putting off.


Together though, we’re going to crush this procrastination and have an awesome three week Sprint!


100% success rate

Tons of our members have taken part in our Raise The Stakes Sprints now and 100% of all who have done it have completed 100% of all their tasks they set out to achieve.


That means that if you want to seriously level up your business, fast... join now to take part in our next Sprint. You're pretty much guaranteed to succeed and have a great month!




The experiment that changed everything...

On the phone to one of our ATOMIC members, Laura Robinson, we were discussing what her goals were for the year and where she wanted her business to be.


We asked Laura what tasks she needed to do to get there. She listed off a ton of stuff she wanted to achieve.


Then we asked if the world was going to end in a month if she didn't do those tasks... could she complete all those tasks within a month? She said "yes".


So we made a wager with Laura: Paypal us £500, and if you don't complete those tasks within the next three weeks - we will keep the money.


Here's a screenshot of the amount she sent us:

Laura - Paypal (1)

What happened?


She smashed it! She did everything within three weeks! Her full year in just three weeks.


She had Raised the Stakes on herself to overcome what was holding her back and take massive rapid action to complete her goals.


Not only did she get her money back, and not only did she smash her goals, but the motivation and momentum has kept up since. Amazing!!


So this is what we want to do for you too. We are here to facilitate this change with our 'Raise the Stakes Sprints'.


Since then, we have run these Sprints in our membership, ATOMIC, for all members to get involved. The results have been incredible and Laura's story is not a fluke.


Join us for the next Sprint and become a success story.


Let's Raise the Stakes and get some BIG epic wins for YOU! 

All the support you need to smash it!

Once you've made your wager you're going to be seriously motivated to get lot's done! But we don't leave you alone...


You get thousands of pounds worth of support including 1:1 help and support from us (and hey we're ranked top 100 digital marketers in the world soooo, yeh not bad 😉


You also get a special accountability group, accountability buddies, and we even do co-working days to be productive.


Together, we're going to crush this! Join now to have the best month ever!


how is this only £1!?
is there a catch?

We do these Sprints for our ATOMIC Members, and you can get your first 30 days of ATOMIC membership for £1, and take part in the next Sprint.

We have a no-automatic subscription policy. So after your 30 days, you WILL NOT be charged anything else.


What happens after 30 days?

After your 30 days you will be offered the chance to continue with your membership, if you wish. There's no hard sale, and your membership will be automatically cancelled if you don't go ahead.

If you do want to continue, ATOMIC is currently £595/year, but you can split that over a payment plan if you wish. We'll work with you to find a plan that suits your financial situation.


Am I a fully fledged ATOMIC member for 30 Days?

Yes, you'll get not only the Sprint, but all the training materials, and benefits of ATOMIC Membership for a full 30 days with no strings attached. You can read more about all of those here >.


We run regular 'Sprints' - three weeks of epic action to achieve more than ever before. A chance to make a wager and Raise the Stakes on yourself.



Here's how it works...

Step 1: Decide what you want to achieve in the next 3 weeks (your Sprint Goal). We offer support in deciding this.


Step 2: Decide what tasks you need to complete in order to achieve that goal (your Specific Sprint Tasks). There will be a short video to help you with this.


Step 3: Fill out the Application form to make a monetary wager with yourself. You’ll have 3 weeks to complete all your Specific Sprint Tasks in order to win your wager back. The amount of money is up to you, but should be high enough to incentivise you to complete those tasks.


Step 4: You pay us your wager via Paypal. This is an account just for Raise the Stakes Sprints


Step 5: Once your application is accepted, you can join the Pop-up Facebook Group and together we will keep each other accountable and motivated to do those tasks. You will be matched with other members for extra accountability.


Step 6: Fill out the completion form within the three week Sprint once you have completed those tasks to get your wager back. Congratulations! You’ve just levelled up your business.


If you don’t complete the completion form in the allotted time, your wager money gets added to the ATOMICON 21 after-party kitty… drinks are on you!


Full T&Cs are transparent and must be checked before applying.



  • Barring any extenuating circumstances, we will keep the wager. No excuses.
  • We don't want to keep the money, nor do we expect too. We want 100% completion rate.
  • Please note you aren't making a wager against results or anything out of your control. E.g. you would not make the wager: 'I want 100 new sales of my course'... that can be your goal, but the wager is based on the specific tasks for example, 'build a funnel to sell the course.' This way, everything is within your control and 100% achievable.

Join ATOMIC now to take part in the next sprint

time left to apply for next sprint:


Enjoy 30 Days of ATOMIC Membership for just £1 to take part in the Sprint.

No automatic subscription and no strings attached after the 30 days.

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