1 Year's progress...
in just 2 weeks.

All Growth Plan members are invited to take part in our revolutionary new approach to making sure you take action and get results. Or else... 😉

A foolproof way to achieve any goal in a short amount of time

Business is a series of mini leaps of faith…


We trundle along doing what we think is right until inevitably we hit a leap of faith that seems too big...


Maybe it’s something we haven’t done before or something a little out of our comfort zone or something where we don’t know if it will pay off...


So we procrastinate!


The big problem is that all the things that are going to have the biggest impact on your business are the scariest things to do. Things like; sales outreach, influencer outreach, outsourcing…


It’s all the important and impactful things we need to do but are just putting off.


Together though, we’re going to crush this procrastination and have an awesome two week Sprint!


what is a 'raise the stakes' Sprint?

In a nutshell... you tell us what you want to get done in 2 weeks, and make a monetary wager on yourself, for completing those tasks.

Over 2 weeks we'll keep you to account to complete your task list, and if you do everything you say you're going to do, you get your wager back.

100% success rate

Tons of our members have taken part in our Raise The Stakes Sprints now and 100% of all who have done it have completed 100% of all their tasks they set out to achieve.


That means that if you want to seriously level up your business, fast... join now to take part in our next Sprint. You're pretty much guaranteed to succeed and have a great month!




The experiment that changed everything...

On the phone to one of our ATOMIC members, Laura Robinson, we were discussing what her goals were for the year and where she wanted her business to be.


We asked Laura what tasks she needed to do to get there. She listed off a ton of stuff she wanted to achieve.


Then we asked if the world was going to end in a month if she didn't do those tasks... could she complete all those tasks within a month? She said "yes".


So we made a wager with Laura: Paypal us £500, and if you don't complete those tasks within the next three weeks - we will keep the money.


Here's a screenshot of the amount she sent us:

Laura - Paypal (1)

What happened?


She smashed it! She did everything within three weeks! Her full year in just three weeks.


She had Raised the Stakes on herself to overcome what was holding her back and take massive rapid action to complete her goals.


Not only did she get her money back, and not only did she smash her goals, but the motivation and momentum has kept up since. Amazing!!


So this is what we want to do for you too. We are here to facilitate this change with our 'Raise the Stakes Sprints'.


Since then, we have run these Sprints in our membership, ATOMIC, for all members to get involved. The results have been incredible and Laura's story is not a fluke.


Join us for the next Sprint and become a success story.


Let's Raise the Stakes and get some BIG epic wins for YOU! 

All the support you need to smash it!

Once you've made your wager you're going to be seriously motivated to get lot's done! But we don't leave you alone...


Sprinters get invited to a special pop-up group where Andrew and Pete are giving them some exta support, the option to be put into a special accountability group, and we even do co-working days to be productive.




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