Have You Lost Your Startup Superpower? How To Keep Super Happy Clients and Supercharge your Referrals

Back in the day when we used to make websites for people, they would take weeks (if not months) to complete, but guess how quickly it took us to build our very first clients website for them?

A day!

Heck, we were a startup, we had nothing else to do!

That first client was the single most important thing to us at that time – everything else can wait, we need to do a good job on this.

Did the client like this speedy work and attentiveness? Hell yeh!

In fact the majority of our work came from word of mouth from our super happy clients.

Being super speedy meant that our word of mouth referrals were supercharged – they came thick and fast!

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But as time goes on, it’s all too easy to slow down the more clients or projects you have on.

For us, websites started taking weeks and months because of bigger projects and the daily grind of emails, social media, project management and so on. Not good.

The one thing we never lost however was good response time to emails and calls. We would guarantee to reply within 24hrs, and we did. Boy, do people LOVE that! It’s this great attention to customer service that has served us so well, and it will for you too.

But the biggest growing pain for small businesses is time. The lack of time often results in a steady decline of customer service.

So if you are a Startup…
Use the lack of clients and extra time you have to be uber attentive and speedy to your clients needs. Look after your clients and they will look after you by giving you testimonials, and referrals.

When we say small businesses have the potential to do really great things, to be better and beat the big boys, it’s true. You have the gift of time. Use it to completely over-deliver and do things really quickly for your clients.

If you’re not a Startup…
Then don’t forget that speed and good customer services impresses. Do everything you can to keep it up; work harder, longer or even better, improve your processes so that you have more time.

If your business had a Superpower, what would it be and why? Comment below! Ours would be speed.