Step 8: Dos and Don’ts of Pitching your Press Release to the Media

Pitching your press release to the media can be a daunting prospect, as this can be the main decider as to whether your business obtains coverage or not.

Journalists receive dozens of press releases on a daily basis so your pitch and your release need to really stand out from the crowd. A planned, targeted approach that gets straight to the point can make a real difference.

So how should you pitch your news to journalists? In step 8 of our fast track guide to ‘Crafting the perfect release’ here are some dos and don’ts.


  • Pull together a list of key outlets and identify journalists.
  • Find out how your target journalists like to be contacted i.e. phone or email. If they need to pitch your release into their editor, make sure you always have a summary on email ready to send.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Use the key message of the press release as your hook.
  • Reference data (either yours or someone else’s) to back up any claims you make.
  • Give advance warning if a lead time is needed on breaking stories.
  • Make your press release sound as attractive as possible.
  • Personalise your pitch to the publication you are talking to.

ACTIONS – Don’t:

  • Use a public Twitter page or Facebook wall to pitch your story – DM individual journalists to keep the conversation private if social media is their preferred method of contact.
  • Tell journalists about competing coverage as it will put them off.
  • Send your press release out to every publication possible – be targeted in your approach.
  • Blag your way through your phone call or email – prepare what you want to say in advance.
  • Leave a voicemail and expect journalists to come back to you. They’re very busy so it’s up to you to chase them.
  • Expect every journalist to publish your release.

By Kathryn Dishman, Managing Director, KD Communications.

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