Step 9: 6 Things you Must do when Distributing a Press Release

Press releases can prove to be very useful tools in helping you gain maximum exposure within your target market and growing your business reputation. One of the secrets behind achieving success with your release, i.e. obtaining coverage and generating engagement, is to ensure that it is distributed through the right channels to the right people.

To help you, in step 9 of our ‘How to craft the perfect press release’ atomic fast track, I’ve listed 6 things you must do when distributing a press release.

1. Get to the point: As I’ve mentioned before, journalists are very busy people. With this in mind when distributing your release it’s important to provide a short summary of your news. Take a few moments to tell journalists and readers what your announcement means for them to help gain their attention and maximise the opportunity for publishing.

ACTION: Pull together a 2 line summary of your release before you distribute it then use this as a basis for all communication – telephone or email. Use a script if you feel more comfortable.

2. Tailor your pitch to your audience: Everyone has different needs. Make sure your pitch to journalists is personal by speaking to them in their preferred way. State the facts by saying things like “Our new equipment will increase productivity by 81% and will lead to more employment opportunities within the region.” Focus on the positive facts and avoid jargon unless you’re speaking to trade press who actively speak and write using it.

ACTION: Pull together your key facts and think about how they will impact journalists and their readers then use these details within your pitch.

3. Use visuals: Did you know that articles with images receive 94% more views online than those without? Any photos, infographics or videos you have will help promote your news and create engagement with readers. This will help make your press release an attractive proposition for publishing from the perspective of the journalist so use visuals every time!

ACTION: Build relationships with good photographers / videographers so you can access their services when needed.

4. Use free and paid for distribution services: If you aren’t sure who you need to send your release too or you want to reach a wider audience then I would recommend investing time and energy into press distribution services. There are free and paid options available for businesses which offer a range of functions including press monitoring, media databases and more. To make sure you get your message out effectively to a wide audience, try and use mixture of both free and paid platforms as this will offer the best results.

ACTION: Do some research into online distribution services and undertake some free trials to find out which of the services is the right one for you.

5. Be ready to answer questions: If done correctly, your release should result in some queries coming your way so don’t distribute it then go on holiday for 2 weeks. Make sure you’re available at short notice to answer any questions from media outlets that are interested in printing your story.

ACTION: Think about what potential questions that could be asked and prepare some answers in advance. This will help you feel prepared and will minimise the risk of you being put on the spot.

6. Share share share: Once you’re release has gone out it’s time to get online. Post your story everywhere you possibly can then share it via your social channels. If you’re a member on news platforms such as Bdaily then use that to your advantage. Your main aim is to build your online presence so please take into account key words and SEO when doing this.

ACTION: Post your news everywhere and share share share for maximum exposure.

By Kathryn Dishman, Managing Director, KD Communications.

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