How I stopped procrastinating with my marketing after watching Andrew & Pete’s 90:10 Talk

I’ve worked as a digital marketing strategist for a number of years now and felt the need to post on all the social media platforms on a regular basis – all the major ones anyway – to demonstrate to potential clients that I knew how to use them.

With so little time to work on my own business, I was going against my own advice and not focusing my efforts on the areas that were actually generating leads.

A reality check

Watching the replay of Andrew and Pete’s 90:10 Rule talk, was a bit of a reality check for me. I wanted to argue back and say, “No, I can’t focus on one area,” or I need to do everything and be everywhere!” But I took a step back and realised, I’ve proved I know how to use all the main social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram  but need to concentrate on creating video for either YouTube or LinkedIn, because these have given me the best results in the past and I’d been spreading myself too thin.

So, after a bit more procrastination, I decided to opt for YouTube. As the content stays around for much longer than the other channels, it justifies the effort required to create the videos. And also, people are actually on there searching for answers to their problems, or pain points.  Many of these issues I’m able to solve with my content and services.

Content planning

I put together a content plan for the next six months and researched keywords (using Tube Buddy) on some of the content I was planning on creating to make sure there was a reasonable number of people searching for those terms, and that they weren’t too competitive, meaning I’d stand a good chance of actually ranking on YouTube and Google searches for them.

Most of the titles were long tail phrases like, “LinkedIn lead generation for small businesses 2019,” so less competitive than terms like just “LinkedIn”, or “LinkedIn Lead Gen” – my goal is to attract potential customers for my business rather than build a huge following so those kind of long tail terms work well.

I’ve been writing script in BIGVU, which is an auto-cue app. Then spend about 30 minutes recording the video on my iphone and another 45 minutes editing the video either in LumaFusion on my phone or using Premiere Pro.

So a total of less than three hours all-in-all, including optimisation as well which involves creating the thumbnail, writing a description, adding tags, adding end cards then adding video to playlist, and uploading subtitles or captions.

Then, on a Thursday I’ve been uploading my video knowing I’ve got time to interact and comment on other people’s channels, particularly channels that are in the same niche. So it’s early days for me concentrating on doing a great job of just one channel. But I know I’ll reap the rewards in the long-term and I’ve already freed up a lot of time!

What’s next

I plan on further refining my process by batching the videos so I can create several in a day. It’s much easier to write several scripts, then film several videos at once, for example.  So I’m gradually becoming more efficient with my process. 

For clients I’ll continue to create social media strategies which include other platforms, as these are often more suitable for their businesses. For my own marketing though, YouTube is definitely the best platform.

Thanks to Andrew & Pete for their 90:10 talk. It’s actually been really liberating feeling like I don’t need to do everything and be everywhere all the time any more! It’s so much more rewarding doing a decent job of one thing. I’m not going to totally avoid all the other platforms. I’ll promote my YouTube videos on them or occasionally add a post, but I’m not focusing on them. 

You can watch the video version of this blog here!

About Karly:

I’m Karly and I formed my company ‘This Is Social‘ in 2017 to help businesses increase inbound leads with Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

I previously worked in Television post production for a number of years before moving from London to Reading and working for Symantec and Veritas as a digital marketer and web content producer.

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