The Brand Backlash

Here’s the harsh truth, to be the TOP BRAND in your market (National, Regional or Local), you are going to have to be able to withstand the haters. Top Brands do things differently, they break the mould, they stick out like a sore thumb. Some people may not like you because you are different, but here’s some advice: don’t worry about it. We would rather have half the population love us, and half hate us, that everyone being indifferent. Indifference isn’t going to grow your business.

On a larger scale you see this all the time. Just look at Pop Culture… Lady Gaga, One Direction, The X Factor, Man United and even F.R.I.E.N.D.S. all have so many fans, yet so many ‘haters’ to go with them.

For atomic business, the best advice we could give you on this matter is know what makes you special, know what your fans like about you, and stick with it. Don’t care about anybody else’s opinion.

Because it is your fans/followers/tribe/customers who are going to stick by you, and take your business to new heights, so don’t stop doing what they love about you already to please others. It’s not worth it.

ACTION: If you don’t know already what your customers love about your business, ask them! Either face to face, send an email, or do an online questionnaire.

ACTION: Ask yourself… what makes me different from the rest? Can you answer it? If not schedule some time in your diary to really think about how you can stand yourself out from the competition.