The Christmas Present #waysTOsayHELLO

#waysTOsayHELLO – In this atomic feature we talk about ways you can easily get the attention of people you really want to speak to. This works best if you know exactly who your target audience is, or if you know exactly who could be a Middle Man.

With Christmas coming up, this is the perfect time to do this, but note throughout the year you could use the same principles but switch up the theme to suit a different festivity (Halloween, Easter, Valentines etc.)

This is what you do. Take an old shoe box, and wrap it in Christmas Wrapping Paper. In the box put lots of different goodies. They don’t have to cost too much, it could be things like chocolates or sweets. Think about who’s attention you are trying to get, and what Christmas goodies may be appropriate.

Now, write a letter that introduces who you are and why you would like to speak to them. This letter should NOT be sales focussed, it should be friendly, and get across the following points:

Who you are and what you do
Explain exactly who you are, and give them the link to your website/social networks to check you out in more detail.

Why you are sending them a gift
This is a very personal way to get somebodies attention, so ensure you use the name of the person you want to talk too, and say something about them in the letter that lets them know this isn’t a blanket promotion. Make sure you get across the fact that you are contacting them because you think you could HELP them, or that you could HELP each other. Not that they can just help YOU.

The next steps
Is this a meeting? A phone call? A free taster from you? Don’t jump right into asking them to buy something, you need to nurture the relationship.

Now package it all up, and post the box to who you would like it to go too. Or if you are close by, hand deliver it.

This style of marketing works so well, because nobody is doing it! It will be unexpected, and if you get it right, the % of people who reply to you, should be very high.

It should be noted that the average spend is much higher per person compared to more regular campaigns and this isn’t something you could really do in bulk, so you do only want to target people who can either spend a lot with you, or refer you to a lot of people.

BONUS POINT 1: Think about targeted gifts to add an extra special level of thoughtfulness. Even something so simple as sending an accountant some chocolate coins.

BONUS POINT 2: A handwritten letter is another nice touch. In the past we have also used a font that looks like it has been typed on a typewriter which has a nice effect.

ACTION: If you haven’t already check out the link to Middle Men.

ACTION: Could you target some high ticket customers this way? Try jotting down some potential people this could work with.

ACTION: Try it out! Send 5-10 and test the response.