The Humble Business Card

A marketing staple is the humble business card. Everyone has one, or everyone should have one. And there are loads of ways you can make yours stand out.

Firstly you need to get the basics right. Here’s some things to think about when getting yours designed…

  • Make sure your business card has what you do on it. Not just your business name either, what you actually do for people. A simple thing, but many we see don’t. When you are looking back through the pile of business cards, you will have no idea what that person does otherwise.
  • Don’t be afraid of using bold colours. Your business card doesn’t have to be white! In a pile of business cards the boldest always stands out.
  • When getting them printed, get them printed on at least 400gsm card. This will ensure they are sturdy enough.
  • If going with a shape different to the standard, make sure it still fits within the standard shape, or it won’t fit in business card holders, and may risk the bin!
  • You can add nice effects such as Spot UV, to give your business cards an added extra. Search ‘Printing’ on the homepage for our guide to printing terminology and effects.

Make sure your business cards reflect your brand
What you business cards should do is give an indication of what is unique about your brand. This is where good design comes in. If your business cards don’t reflect your business personality, then they are no good.

Think about it, you’ll give your business cards to people you’ll meet face to face, so you want to leave them with a card that reflects you. Sometimes getting a professional designer in to design your business card, is a good investment.

ACTION: Look at your business card, and describe it. Do you describe it the way you would describe your own business?