The Merging of Traditional and Digital Marketing

When we tell people that we run a marketing company for micro businesses, we often get asked the same question: “Do you do digital marketing or traditional marketing?”

But the thing is, there shouldn’t an either/or, since digital marketing and traditional marketing work best when they are working together, and our prediction is that the lines of traditional/digital will blur even more in years to come.

The larger companies are really jumping on this more, next time you are watching your favourite TV program, keep an eye on the adverts to see how many include a Twitter # to join the conversation, ask you to Shazam something for more information, or like their Facebook page for a free sample. The other day in the adverts Ed Sheeran asked us to vote using a Twitter # what song he would be playing in the next adverts – how cool!

One of the main differences and benefits of Digital Marketing is that it is often all about being a 2 way conversation (that sometimes doesn’t even include you!) Your customers/followers are part of the marketing experience, and actively engaging in your marketing, which is something traditional marketing can rarely accomplish.

However, mash them together and add a digital component to your traditional marketing campaign and make your traditional marketing all the more effective. If somebody is actively interacting with your company, not only are they more likely to use your company if/when they need your service, but also, if this interaction is online then more people are going to be introduced to your company.

So, what does this mean for Micro Businesses?

ACTION: Next time you are doing any kind of traditional marketing, be it getting new literature designed, doing a leaflet drop, going networking, or even putting together a referral scheme, think about how you can add a digital marketing element to it that encourages people to interact with your business online. We DO NOT mean simply putting your social media icons on a flyer, but something more interesting to truly make it a 2 way conversation, more engaging, and most importantly more memorable.