The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn (LI from now on) is the place where professionals WILL check you out. So if you have a B2B service then LI will be a vital profile to get right. Did you know 72% of people trust online reviews and 68% will only buy after first checking you out online. For bigger companies, you aren’t going to check every single staff members LI profile, perhaps just their website and some online review websites. But for a small business owner, LI will be easy to find (your profile will show up in Google searches often on the first page), and so therefore you will be checked out – so it must be good!

Fortunately LI tries to help you out as much as possible, so do follow it’s suggestions on the website. The key to a perfect LI profile is to fill it to the max, LI actually gives your profile strength a rating – you want to be an ‘All-Star’. Here we have placed some key themes for you to work on.

Search Engine Optimisation
LI actually has extrememly good SEO strength and often comes up on the first page of Google for your name and business name (small businesses), however more importantly people do search LI to find services and people to connect with. LinkedIn is a search engine just like Google, giving you access to millions of business decision-makers in seconds. LinkedIn SEO works the same way SEO works on your website. Strategically placed keywords throughout your profile helps you get found by the LinkedIn search algorithm and rank you at the top of search results so you can get found by your ideal clients. Your chosen Keywords should be placed, in the following places: Your professional headline, your summary, your Experience, your Skills, your Interests, and even if you want to, your name!

Again, we are big believers in looking the part as it does have an impact of people first perceptions of your credibility. There is space now to have a background/header image, so we would recommend utilising that space as best you can with a nice photo or graphic. To be honest though it is very narrow and half covered up, so it’s hard to fully utilise the space effectively. Don’t spend too long on it.

The second part to think about is the profile photo… please, please, please, get a good photo! No photo is BAD, and a photo of you on a night out is unprofessional. Try your best to get a professional photo of yourself, or failing that try your best yourself. Either way, why not make it a little different, stand out, we have exploded heads! It get’s across our brand but it’s still professional because you can tell it was done professionally. More importantly it is a talking point, and everyone remembers it. Can you say that about yours?

Everything from your website, telephone number, past education, awards, interests, experiences etc MUST be filled in. Max out your profile, and write a great description. Your ‘title’ even has a opportunity to say something more than just ‘founder’ – how about using your keyword?

Did you know that in your opening description you can include videos, and slideshows!? This is a fantastic opportunity to sell what you do, don’t miss out on that.

Why should someone trust you enough to buy? You can easily build credibility on LI, here’s a few ways:
– 500+ connections: Over 500 connections shows that you are well connected, supported, potentially influential, and shows you have been going a while. Add as many people you know as possible to reach this mark, it gives you kudos.
– Recommendations: Essentially testimonials, try to get your big name clients on there. The more the better, you can even ‘request a recommendation’ from clients to make it even easier for both.
– Endorsements: Again, the more the better for each ‘skill’ so encourage others to ‘endorse’ you, and moreover endorse others (they will probably reciprocate). Quick tip: don’t have too many skills and spread yourself too thin. Try to make yourself out as an expert in one field.
– Long Form Posts: Similar to blogs, these show up on your profile, so it is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field, and get some engagement. Definitely worth writing a few of them just for this reason. For more reasons check out our posts on Long Form Posts.

ACTION: Schedule an hour and a half to fully pimp out your profile.

ACTION: Write 2 long form posts, remember to recycle your content…