The Plotting Process – How to Take Your Customer to the Sale

This article is all about ‘plotting’ and is actually applicable to the majority of marketing you will do.

There is always going to be a ‘process’ a customer goes through before eventually buying and a big mistake we see small businesses doing is constantly going for the sale at step 1 of the process. What you should be doing instead is what we call ‘plotting.’

So this works with the majority of campaigns, but is probably easily explained with an email marketing campaign.

If you don’t plot out your campaign your thought process will be generally this…

1. Send a email
2. Convince person to do your Most Wanted Action (MWA)

and the results you’ll get will most likely be poor.

Instead, put yourself in your customer shoes and plot the process out in more detail. What actions will they take after receiving the email…

1. Open the email to read
2. Read the email
3. Click on a link in the email
4. Convince person to do your Most Wanted Action (MWA)

This is much clearer now and what you can do at each step is plot the best way to take your customer to the next level down.

So for example at Step 1 you aren’t convincing the person to do your MWA, you are simply convincing them to open the email (so your email subject should just be ‘selling the open’). Likewise at Step 2 you are simply now convincing them to click on a link in your email (your content should be ‘selling the click’), and it isn’t until Step 3 you are convincing them to do your MWA.

This is a simplified version, there may be more steps in your process to plot out, but by carrying out this plotting, you can see clearly the process, and can make your language more effective to move the customer onto the next step.

You do need to keep in mind constantly your MWA, and make sure the whole process makes sense as a unit, but are maximising the effectiveness of each step.

Like we say, this works with a lot of marketing…online ads, telesales, direct mail, social media etc. They all have a process and will all be less effective if you fail to plot and simply go for the sale. All you have to do to see results is take them from one step to the next.

ACTION: What marketing do you do? Write down the whole process in detail, and plot how you can take people from step to step.