The ‘Take Home’ Factor (inspired by Jamie Oliver)

We recently went to Jamie Oliver’s Italian. The food unsurprisingly was fantastic, and was presented in an unusual way (the Lamb Lollipops were too interesting to turn down!)

Other than the food though, what is really great about the restaurant is that the experience is continued through a range of products that you could buy then and there… books, cutlery, kitchen utensils, napkins, planks (that the food is served on), and even vouchers to name a few. Not many restaurants have ‘gifts’ you can buy, and even fewer have such a large range. It is a great way to take a little bit of the experience home with you, and cultivate some brand loyalty.

What can atomic businesses learn from this?

ACTION: Can you adapt your product or service in any way into a ‘take home’ form? So the customer can continue to experience your business after the main transaction is complete? The more people interact and use your product/service, the more brand loyalty will be made, and the more you will stay in their mind. For B2B businesses this could be in the form of something useful that businesses can use in their business each and every day.


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