Time Management for Entrepreneurs | 3 Huge Time Drains to Stop!

Time management is an entrepreneurs biggest battle but, if you get it right, you’re in for huge success.

In this video we share 3 things we did to get more time back to work ON our business – not just IN it so that the words, “I don’t have time” will never stand between you and more time and money again!

We’re also going to tell you how you can use our More Sales in Less Time checklist to discover exactly where you can earn more money and save hours and days worth of time each week… immediately!

Reveal our 3 eye opening tips and stop leaving money on the table! 💰

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Time management is an entrepreneurs biggest battle…

One of the biggest objections we get to content marketing, and just self-promotion in general is that, “I don’t have time”

Have you ever said that? Have you ever thought that? Have you ever used that as an excuse?

Us too! So here’s 3 things we did to get more time back to work on our business – not just in it.

No more meetings… almost

The first thing we did is stopped having meetings. Harsh right!?

When we first started we would ‘meet’ anyone and everyone who wanted to chat, and it would just eat into our day.

So if you want to save time, and not decline every meeting, here’s what you do:

Step 1

Decide whether it needs to be a meeting… Or could it just be a couple of questions over email or a 10 minute phone call?

Step 2

If you’ve decided it is a meeting – don’t meet in person.

Coffee shop meetings are a time drain. Use Skype, or our personal favourite Zoom to meet online. There’s no commute time, and you’ll find there’s less chit chat and more ‘getting on with it’!

Step 3

Stop it with the 60 minute default meetings in your calendar 😆 Make 30 minutes – or even less – your default.

Step 4

Be clever with your scheduling. Mid-day meetings are a buzzkill.

We personally are way more productive in the morning, so we push all our meetings to 3.30pm and after, if possible. Try to schedule your meetings in your unproductive time.


Get people to book in using your calendar tool. Our fave is Calendly. This not only saves time booking meetings, but helps you keep to your schedule too.

Networking and Events

Now, we’re not saying stop networking, and stop going to events, because we do think that meeting people in real life and taking relationships offline is SO IMPORTANT and we love doing it.

But… make sure you go to the good ones and set yourself some strict guidelines to make sure they eat into your time as little as possible.

If you do regular local networking, maybe stick to tow really good ones per month, or one a week.

Collaborations and Side Hustles

The harsh truth is that so many of these go nowhere.

We see this all the time and it makes us really sad… it’s something we’ve been guilty of, so believe us we’re not taking the high ground here… we’ve done it, and it’s wasted a lot of time.

We think sometimes entrepreneurs feel like they need someone else to collaborate with, or another side-hustle, so they go into these collaborations that make sense on the surface, but really they just distract from the main business or the main marketing strategy.

It could be joint podcasts or joint live shows, but we’ve even seen separate businesses set-up too.

We love collaborating, but before you agree to anything…. ask yourself… does it REALLY fit 100% snugly into your own business goals?

Take the Quiz

We’ve created some Time and Income Gap checklists which take you just a couple of minutes to complete and it’ll reveal where you’re losing the most amount of time and where you’re leaving money on the table.

We all want more time and money in our business, right? So download our More Sales in Less Time checklists to find out your income and time gaps right here.

Let us know in the comments what your biggest time management and time saving tips are!