Tool Review – Click To Tweet

Today we have an awesome tool to share with you. It is called Click To Tweet.

How do you use it?
What it does is really simple but really effective. It allows you to create Tweets – and then create a link that when clicked – Tweets your message. In simple terms it allows you to create Tweets for people to Tweet on their account on your behalf. This can make any kind of content you create even more shareable on Twitter.

How it works is really simple too, sign up using your Twitter account by visiting

You can then type in any message you would like to be Tweetable, even linking to your Twitter bio and website. Here’s an example:

Click To Tweet

All you have to do now is click ‘Generate New Link’, and hey presto, your link is generated. There are a couple ways you can use this link now. It will give you the option of copying the embed code like this:

Click To Tweet 2

which you can copy and paste right into your blogs and websites. Here’s what the code above looks like:

Tweet: By @andrewandpete, atomic teaches you marketing strategies to grow your small business. Get started here:

Or if you right-click the link in the top right and select copy…


Click To Tweet 3

…you can then paste it like you would a normal link into a hyperlink on your own text.

E.g. “By @andrewandpete, atomic teaches you marketing strategies to grow your small business. Get started here:” (Click Here to Tweet)

Another cool feature is the built in analytics – which tracks the activity of the link (and any links in your Tweet too).

There is a free version which allows you to create 5 links, which is great for testing it out. However for an unlimited amount of links, it costs $4.97/month or $49.70/year (prices correct as of June 8th 2015).

Practical Applications
Where we see this tool really coming into its own is if you do a lot of content marketing, especially if you have a blog or an email newsletter. You can take useful quotes/tips/tricks from your content and have them tweet-able right from the content itself. This then allows your readers to share useful tweets easily (which is good for them), and it links back to your content (which is good for you). It is a win-win.

These could also work really well on your website. Say for example if somebody buys from your website, books a consultation or even just generally finds a page interesting – you could have a tweet-able link there ready for them to tell the world!

ACTION: The application of this is quite wide spread, look at your own marketing, your own website, and your own content to see where this handy tool can add value.

ACTION: Sign up for a free account at and get started. Look at your most visited piece of online content (e.g. a blog or page on your website) and add a tweetable link.

Top Tip: The key here is to make your tweet useful or entertaining rather than too sales-y, as remember what people tweet is a reflection of themselves, so they want to appear either helpful or show the world something cool!